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You miss someone so much that it physically hurts - why?

Asked by Jude (32134points) July 9th, 2010

Don’t laugh nor snicker or else you’ll get a dick punch.

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Yes, I missed my girlfriend (now my wife) many times so much that there was a physical ache in my body. A sweet pain is the best way I can describe it. I don’t know where it emanated from, but seeing her made it go away. :)

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Smells like love to me =) Be patient

On a more scientific note, emotions often manifest themselves physically. I thought I was pregnant for a while because I was nauseous at the same time every day for three weeks, but I was just stressed.

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Like @Facade mentioned, sometimes our emotions manifest themselves physically. There have been a lot of times that I have missed my husband so much that it’s hurt. I just consider it to be my body’s way of agreeing with my heart and mind.

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your body will send out chemicals when your sad including adrenalin and uric acid which causes pain

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Our attachment to someone we love is so great that their prolonged absence feels like deprivation of things as essential as oxygen or water.

I think of it as an acquired or conditioned need. Some speak of it in terms of addiction. I don’t.

We associate our sense of well-being with the presence of our loved one. Thus we feel unwell or hurting when we miss them.

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I reckon that means you love ‘em. Just a guess :-)

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Certainly understand you comment @jjmah. When you love someone so much, it really hurts “all the way to the bone!” It hurts everyday! Can’t explain it, but definitely understand.

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Not since we’ve lived together but before then, yes I noticed my back would hurt more and I’d sleep less often if bf and I were apart.

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People do feel physical pain when in emotional pain. When I was very depressed and anxious about breaking up with an exboyfriend I felt like I had lost a limb. I guess when someone is like a part of you and they are not there it not only affects us emotionally, but also physically feels like they are missing. I would bet there is actually evidence of a physiological reason if we did brain scans; must have something to do with how the parts of the brain are connected, probably some people feel this more than others.

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Because you become emotionally overwhelmed.

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@Dr_Lawrence If you consider it in terms of addiction (which doesn’t have the correct undertone – addictions are a bad thing, usually a dependence on something artificial, while love is entirely natural and acceptable), it is the chemicals which are released in your body while you are in your SO’s presence which you are feeling withdrawal from.

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Why because you care about that person no if’s and or but’s! Both my boys are going to camp for the week and yepper, I will miss them baaad!

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I don’t know why, but I know the feeling.

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I believe you are talking about the incredible feeling one gets when they see someone who fills a mutual need or completion in them so wonderfully.
My 9 year old grand daughter and I can not wait to get to the barn to be greeted by her cute, ornery, adorable pony. We say to him “you are so adorable you make me hurt all over my heart.” We just want to hug and groom him and cover him in sparkly gel or ribbons and she rides him around decorated…both of them happy. Both of my kids and grandkids do this to me as well. They are a blessing to be enjoyed. and as @zophu said… one becomes emotionally overwhelmed.

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Oxytocin Withdrawl; also known as the cuddle chemical.

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Yes, a sort of combination of physical and emotional pain. Been there, done that.

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I miss something I haven’t even lost yet, but I know it will probably happen very soon. Our house. It keeps me up nightly and I’m severely depressed. It sucks, it hurts, it hurts because it sucks. sigh…can you guess why I chose the avatar I have?

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I don’t know why the advice of sitting on the toilet is off topic. It might be unorthodox. but, still good advice.

I have solved plenty of problems on the can and have felt better after.

Don’t underestimate what a good poop can do.

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@ChazMaz totally agreed…someone pulled the wrong trigger on that comment!

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@ChazMaz haha….so true.

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My mom is losing her/our house, I’ve been trying to save it for months but it’s going to auction next month anyway, it does suck.

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Its a stress thing when your body is under stress it can go through physical pain. It happens with other emotions too not just missing someone. Anger and hate can cause you to physically hurt and even become sick. Stress is a major cause of many of the pains we go through.

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