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How to move data from ipod touch (apps, music, videos, photos etc...) to a new computer?

Asked by kittykat219 (136points) July 11th, 2010

I just got a new computer a few days ago and i tried to get my ipod to sync to it. It didnt sync! :( It just said that I am synced with another library and it says that i must erase and sync to begin using this library! But i cant do this! :O I have thousands of songs and hundreds of apps on my ipod and i dont want to get rid of them! Do you know how to solve this problem without downloading something?

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If you’re on Windows, you can use a great program called SharePod to transfer your media back onto your computer:

As for your applications, you can right click on your device in iTunes and choose “Transfer Purchases.” Make sure you authorize your account on that computer as well. You can see an example here:

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Also, once you have everything transefered to your new computer make a backup to an external hard drive and keep it up to date.If you have bought a lot of music and stuff from itunes your library may be worth several thousand dollars (pounds, or what ever). If your hard drive fails (which they do) or your ipod gets lost you may lose everything.

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