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How to make text tones in iPhone , without jailbreaking it ?

Asked by sandystrachan (4407points) July 11th, 2010

SO i know how to make and save ringtones for the iPhone , but i really hate the standard text tones . Is there anyway without jailbreaking it to get custom text tones ?

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Sorry @sandystrachan I don’t believe there is, but I hope they make it that way, because the few they have (like 7? haha) are quite dull. I once heard someone’s text tone was the Old SpiceĀ® whistle and what looked to be an iPhone, but I failed to ask if she was jailbroken or not.

I’d also love to know if there is though, because jailbreaking isn’t worth it, in my opinion.

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I don’t see why Apple don’t let us do it , i mean they let us make the ringtones from within iTunes . The way I see it either let us do both or non at all , Or is it a bug that they never got round to fixing within iTunes ?
Yea i never saw why people jailbreak , OK people will say well it lets us make text tones and what not . But that alone isn’t worth it for me…

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@Axemusica, I have the Old Spice whistle and mine is jailbroken.

You need to be jailbroken to set custom text tones.

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@sandystrachan If you don’t see why people jailbreak then that means that you are absolutely, positively, 150% happy with all of the options that Apple allows, or has there ever been a time where you wish that they had included one feature or setting?
If I read the first two sentences of your answer right then you already know damn well why people jailbreak their Apple products; you just won’t admit that you actually know. You also know why Android is so popular and gaining, and why I won’t ever buy an iPod/iPad/iPhone.

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