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I can't stand people who drop litter, then their excuse is that they are keeping someone in a job who has to pick it up. What are your pet hates!

Asked by axlefoley (347points) March 19th, 2008 from iPhone

Pet hates, Lazy people, Rude people,

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Bad grammar and spelling.
When people use ‘I’ instead of ‘me’ (e.g. – “that house is between you and I”)
Butchering movie and TV quotes.
Animals dressed in clothing.
America’s obsession with celebrities.

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The use of an exclamation mark then a question mark is needed. For example: how was your day today!

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people who use cellphones without a headset while driving then they almost hit you then they get mad at you for just being there. WTH

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people that waddle down a crosswalk at snail pace even though they see you in your car waiting, waiting, waiting.

Also, people that talk on their cell phones in a megaphone voice like they are more than happy to air their entire business on the elevator et cetera. Learn to text. Geez.

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People, in general.

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well living in PA I’d have to say people who drive in the left (fast) lane on the highway at the speed limit, then get pissed bc you’re pissed at them and floor it to get around them, thus potentially causing a risky situation that could have just been avoided if you knew to GET OUT OF THE WAY! Oh, and also people who use their instead of they’re, or they’re instead of their, or even there instead of their, perhaps even a few more of those I can’t think of right now. I dont mind run-on sentences, but know the difference between their and there!

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stupidity and people who end their sentences with a preposition

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everyone in the grocery store, I always leave extremely irritated

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