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Who do you trust.

Asked by axlefoley (347points) March 20th, 2008 from iPhone

who do you trust.

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I trust my immediate family more than myself, explain that one to your kids.

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my grandma! she will never lie to me or let me down.

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God and my wife.

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Only myself.

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I don’t really trust anyone.

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My Daughter, my SO, and my Wasband.

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president bush

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God, Wife, Parents, Son, and a handful of friends

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Myself… Cox in trusting myself, I’ll learn to trust others most especially those who are dear to me.

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God first, my husband, my children and my pastors and as glial said a handful of friends

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God and two of my sister.

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only my immediate family. ive been through experiences that let me know just what kind of friends my “friends” were.

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i’ve never trust anyone 100%

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I trust all that have not given me a reason to not trust.

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