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How long after eating can you exercise, say on a treadmill?

Asked by peggylou (1138points) February 26th, 2007
If you should wait until your meal has digested, how long is that?
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Growing up, we were not allowed to swim for an hr. after eating, for whatever that is worth.I always wait several hrs after a meal before walking or treadmeal...less, I guess, if meal is small.
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There isn't a hard and fast rule. You can tell how your body feels while doing certain activities on a full stomach. For example, walking on a treadmill is very different from running. I am almost never to full to walk, but running right after a big meal would make me feel like vomiting. So really, it is whatever you feel ok doing.
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If I am doing rigorous exercise, I wait two hours after eating. If I don't I get an upset stomache.
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My athletic trainer tells me to wait two hours after I eat before I go running (I run cross country) or do any other intense cardio workout. Generally after a small meal I wait two hours and after a big meal I wait three.

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two hour rule
unless you had a small meal (think a cup of yogurt and a granola bar)... then only one

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one hour its the normal time

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Your body needs the energy to properly digest food. So to get the most out of the nutrients you consume and your workout, eat before exercising or 30 mins after fruit, two hours after veggies, three hours after grains four hours after meats and poultry.

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Some of my friends can ONLY run when they have some food in their stomachs.
So, i guess that it all depends on personal preferences.
The only solution may be to eat at various times before running and find out which one works best for you.
maybe its 15 minutes, maybe its 2 hours?

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To burn off more fat, should i exercise before food or after?

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If you’re trying to burn off the most fat… you should exercise both before AND after.
... but seriously, i would have to say that it probably doesn’t matter much.
The only thing is: the topic is on “How long after eating can you exercise”... indicating that you should probably not exercise right after eating.

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i waite 1 hour before doing my treadmill and i feel fine

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