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Connecting laptop to TV help, please?

Asked by rangerr (15765points) July 16th, 2010

Laptop and TV are both VGA connections.. The TV manual says the VGA input is the one for connecting to a computer.

The cord is plugged in, and the laptop settings are set for the tv to be the extended desktop.

BUT my TV says no signal.
I’ve tried all the other AV/HDMI settings and still no signal..
I’ve restarted the laptop twice.

What am I doing wrong?
Or am I just dumb?

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A couple of ideas.

Try every channel on the TV, after the highest channel number or maybe below channel 2 there might be a channel “VGA” or somesuch.

The TV remote or menus might have a ‘Source’ choice. Meaning the source could be the regular TV tuner or VGA.

No guarantees, I’m just guessing, but I have my fingers crossed for you.

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@jaytkay No VGA channels. The source options are av 1 and 2, comp, and hdmi 1 and 2.
None of them can seem to recognize there’s a laptop there.

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Apparently there’s an RGB input that I didn’t try.

Go me.

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It’s always the simple stuff that gets you :P

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Just a newbie to all this stuff too. What does RGB mean and why would that have been the answer?

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RedGreenBlue. TVs and monitors use those three colors mixed at different levels to produce any and every color they are capable of displaying. It is also known as “Component video” and allows for a more detailed image. Considering that most computers are capable of resolutions that exceed 1080p HDTV, you really need something better than an old coaxial cable or RCA jack like a DVD player has.

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Thanks; I thought it stood for red green blue but I didn’t know how that applied. Appreciate the explanation.

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