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How can i lose 50 pounds quick ( PLEASE HELP ME)

Asked by DinoMite7 (33points) March 20th, 2008 from iPhone

I weigh 135 pounds and want to weigh 90 i am 14 years old and everyone in my skool makes fun of me

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I lost 10 pounds but cant keep it off

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im desperate

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Would you happen to know your BMI? And how tall are you? Also, do u get out? aka Don’t do what i do and just sit on my lazy ass tell people how to loose weight.

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I dont know my bmi and i am 5 feet

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That isn’t healthy. 90 pounds is the target weight if you are three feet tall. Visit your doctor to discuss this.

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90 to 100 lbs

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your 14 and your 135lb they make fun of you kick their butts

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Im 14 i should weigh 90

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i did one time got detenion for 3 weeks

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90lbs is way to small for a 14! You need to be atleast 100lbs. But you need to eat fruit, no bread or carbs, and eat lean. The main thing is CARDIO! If you wanna lost it fast and a safe way. Run like 5miles a day in one of those sweat body bags (althought the bag isnt that safe, but the running is!). But I think u are crazy for wanting to lose all that weight. Just change you eating habits and you should be fine.

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you know I wear a eye patch get made fun of everywhere I go but I beleive in myself that’s what you need then take the wieght off slow

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any diet pills or no

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NO!!!! You are too young for diet pills! They make you crazy. I took some diet pills for like 3 days and i would lay awake in the bed at night. The crap in the keeps you alert all the time. I dont think they are safe. If you want a diet plan do Slim Fast or those mail order meals, but both get expensive. Try those frozen healthy food things to!

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Losing weight is a combination of eating healthy foods, getting enough exercise and getting a decent amount of sleep. There isn’t a safe way to lose 50 pounds quickly. You can, however, lose 6–10 pounds in a month, and that alone should make you feel better.

Ask your mom or dad to help you with a healthier diet.

Do you play a sport? Is there one that you can start? Pick a sport that requires a lot of running around like basketball or soccer.

Also, you’re still growing, so it’s normal for your weight to not match your height. When I was in middle school, I was a chubby kid (not saying you’re chubby, by the way). In HS, I joined the wrestling team and dropped about 20–25 lbs and stayed fit throughout HS. After HS, I quit playing sports and got fat again. Then I moved to a city where I had to walk all the time and ate healthier food and got skinny again. Then I moved to the South and ate a bunch of good southern food and stopped walking got fat again. And so on.

Lastly, you may want to find out if you have a problem with your metabolism, which is the engine in your body that turns your food into energy. Next time you go to the doctor, tell him/her that you want to lose weight and that you would like to make sure nothing is wrong with your metabolism. (Usually, this is about whether your thyroid gland or another gland is working properly.) There are blood tests that can tell you whether everything is normal.

Don’t take diet pills. They’re bad for you. Period.

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Kevbo is going to have a long answer

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And Kevbo will probably be right. He tends to do that.

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I play soccer and football is subway good i eat it alot

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mostly subway and i cant excersise because i live on a very busy street

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kevbo is a smart man you should think about what he is saying

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and he made a good point talk to your mom and dad

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I have been eating more often and less healthy because im depressed cause my parents got divorced and my mom is dating and is thinking about having kids with her boyfriend

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and I should not have told youfighting is the answer I’m sorry

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I live in a RV and I exercise. You always have enough room to do push-ups.

And this is a mental health problem. That might be a harsh assessment but I believe that it is accurate. Really, talk to your doctor. You are 14 so I know you can’t just walk in to your doctors office. Tell your parents you hurt your knee and want to visit the doctor. Yeah, I am suggesting telling a lie.

And what you are going through is totally normal.

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I think that rather than looking for a crash diet, you need to seek out counseling to help with self image and peer pressure issues. From reading your comments here, I strongly suspect that you will develop an eating disorder at some point if you continue on your current course.

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That’s sad, dino, and your reaction is a normal one. It’s a very good thing, though, that you’re aware of your eating behavior, because that means you can change it. If it’s true for you, then you should probably tell your parents that you want to talk to a therapist or counselor.

You sound very self aware for someone who is 14, and that is impressive.

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Is subway healthy or just all hype

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Im on the subway diet now a friend suggested it

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Dino will you come on once a day just give us up dates on how your doing and we will help to keep you on track but do talk to someone like john and keV said

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i do talk to people my doctor said it was depression

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Subway diet ? do you think seriously eating subs everyday ? what is this idea ?

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Thanks for all of ur answers

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All that bread all the time isnt good if you are trying to lose weight.

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Listen to Kevbo. He’s smart, practical and right-on.

Also, healthy food doesn’t mean eat Subway all the time, although that’s an okay start.
Try and cut out soda /pop/ sugary drinks, too. I remember when I was that age, I was drinking at least 4 sodas a day – which is easily an extra 700 calories.

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Seems there are two issues here. The first is that you feel like you need to lose weight. That may or may not be the case, and I don’t particularly care about your BMI and height/weight, etc. I’m not a professional, and I don’t know you. Ninety pounds seems a little light to me, but I don’t even know if you’re a boy or a girl. Losing weight only requires burning more calories than you’re eating. That means to lose weight, you either need to eat less or move more. How you choose to do it is up to you, but I would suggest doing it in a healthy manner. The calories you do eat should be healthy ones, and the manner in which you burn calories should be healthy (no diet pills).

The second issue is one that I think you ought to spend more of your energy addressing: the issue of peer pressure and basing your self-opinion on others’ opinions of you. The reason you ought to address this is because it will cause you a lot more heartache in your life than a few extra pounds will. Also, it’s a really difficult issue to come to grips with. I meet people my age who still don’t have it under control. I’m 28. I wish I could give you some pearls of wisdom that would make the rest of high school easier for you, but unfortunately, I have none.

I will tell you that high school only started being fun when I gave up trying to be who other people thought I ought to be. When I started hanging out with the people who were more like me (and easier to like) instead of those who would “up” my social status, I started having more fun. When I truly started ignoring the opinions of those who have no stake in my well-being, I became a happier, healthier, more popular person.

Good luck. Remember, no one who builds them self up by tearing you down deserves even a modicum of your consideration. Just be you.

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I agreed with @figbash sugar has alot of calories in it. My sis, a nurse says. I agreed with others as well.. Walking may be better than running, it burns off more calories.

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if u get down to 90 lbs they will stop picking on u n just beat ur skinny ass instead.

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At 14 and 140 pounds you probably don’t need to lose weight so much as grow into it. Your best plan in the long term is to eat a reasonable quantity of healthy food and be active—and if you do that, your body will settle into a healthy weight automatically.

And the best way to start that is to pay attention to everything you eat and drink for two weeks. And drinks are important: soda is basically liquid sugar: it’s fine in small quantities, but if you’re having more than two or three cans’ worth a week, you’re adding a lot of useless empty calories.

Now, if you start eating in a better way, you’ll probably lose 3 to 4 pounds a week at first, and then settle into a regular 1–2 pounds a week after that. This is good, because it means your body is reconfiguring itself at a regular pace. It’s also bad, because it won’t feel like anything is happening—and because of the natural fluctuation in your body weight, some weeks you might feel like you lose 5 pounds (which is great!) and other weeks you might feel like you gained 4 (which really sucks). You have to take a look at the long term – only weigh yourself once a week, and graph the results so you can see the long term trend. Also realize that you’re 14 and growing: you’re supposed to be gaining weight, as you gain height, so you might want to aim for maintaining the same weight and growing into it rather than losing weight.

And the best way to think of this is not as a diet, where you lose 50 pounds and then go back to your old eating habits, which put you right back where you started out—but as a permanent change, a decision to eat healthy foods in healthy quantities.

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Whoa.. you want to lose 50 pounds fast?

Sorry, but there’s no healthy way to do that. A healthy weight loss is 2 pounds a week. It takes a lot of time and effort to lose weight like that, not to mention, 90 pounds is unhealthy even for stick-thin celeb girls. Everyone agrees that the rail-thin, skin and bones look is ugly.

135 is a good, average weight. It’s not obese, or overweight. Be proud that you aren’t obese or overweight, as it’s a serious problem right now in our country. But if I may suggest, start working out more, and use weights to create more muscle and get toned. Muscle may weight more than fat (which is why the BMI index isn’t always reliable), but more muscle means more calories burned, even if you’re sitting on the couch watching TV, and girls like guys who are muscled and fit. Guys also respect guys that work out. Just don’t use this as an excuse to take steroids, enhancers, or any other type of stupid drugs. They make your penis smaller. Seriously.

Also, try eating better, because even if you’re not fat, it will pay off as you get older and live longer than all the other people who lived on sprite and snickers bars (which are really high in calories, btw). Listen to Kevbo; cwilbur and Poser also have some good advice.

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This is a great community with lots of diet tips and advice. People share thier personal stories, and you can ask lots of questions to find out what is best for you. Give it a try! But don’t let anyone change how you feel about yourself. Kids your age can be cruel. Ignore them, and just who you are.

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Great answers from the community! Listen to @witty_wallflower and those who posted that Wallflower suggested as they are right on target.

I just wanted to add one thing – remember in the end that you are wonderful. And you will always be wonderful no matter what your weight, how many other kids your mom has, or whether your hair is blonde or brown, or your eyes blue or…. the list goes on and on so I am sure you get the picture. You can’t control people saying mean things (they will, and no one is immune – even the popular kiddos – I have seen that first hand), and you can’t control feeling hurt at the time – but you can control letting those words have power over you and how you react. Keep telling yourself you are worthy of being treated well until you believe it. It may sound false at first, but eventually you will believe it. You are not just a number on the scale – you are a whole person with lots of things to like beyond your waist size.

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I’m going to be frank here. From a completely objective standpoint, 5 feet and 135 lbs. is overweight. According to the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, your BMI is 26.4, which is overweight. I would say 100–115 would be a good target.

I would disagree with modelchik’s advice of eating fruit. Although fiber is good, fruit is loaded with carbs. I would stick to eating whole grain versions of any kind of carb. Have a bowl of oatmeal or bran cereal for breakfast. Add more plain chicken w/out the skin to your diet. The Subway idea is good, here’s how it can be better: Only eat half of the bread, skip the dressing, sauce, and salt.

If space to exercise is an issue, I highly recommend Billy Blanks’ Tae Bo. You can do it in your room and his cardio workouts are extremely effective and fun. As a host, Billy Blanks keeps you motivated and your self-esteem high.

I wish you luck, I know you can achieve this.

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Use extreme caution when dealing with government standards (and other oversimplified charts) determining whether someone is overweight – they do not take into account body type, build and other factors. Even when I am at my most lean, according to the charts I am significantly overweight. I say my low body fat measurements, rock climbing, volleyball and weight lifting make a lie of the charts.

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Good point syz. DinoMite, if you want to verify your weight status, perhaps pay a visit to your school nurse. You will get an honest opinion from them.

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And in particular, in this case, age. 5 feet and 135 pounds is not unreasonable at 14, when someone might expect to grow as much as a foot in height in the next year or two.

@syz: are you in the same boat as a friend of mine, who’s officially “obese” in BMI terms, even though he’s measured his body fat at 9.1%?

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Hun, When i was fourteen, which was like.. two years ago..
there were girls that weighed 150 pounds, and they never got made fun of, because they were comfortable with yourself.
dont let your parents get to you, trust me, i had to go through the same thing at your age.
find people you can talk to, like really good friends.
and just hang out.
you have your whole life ahead of you, to be worried about your weight. your fourteen.
You should be having fun. and if kids are making fun of you, talk to your school counselor. there are always punishments for kids who bully people.
dont put yourself down for it.
you are not fat, for fourteen.

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