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Why doesn't apple and all the other phone companies have a phone with an interactive flash player

Asked by afghanmoose (554points) March 20th, 2008 from iPhone

why doesn’t any phone,including the crazy ass iPhone,have a flashplayer integrated with the features?

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Battery life and usability.

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This has been asked numerous times on this site, and all over the internet. I love ya afghanmoose, but here are the links:

The basic reason Flash is not on the iphone is technical, and the ball is in Adobe’s court. The actionscript is too bulky for Apple’s taste – it drains the battery. Adobe has built mobile versions of flash for every other platform but the iphone [which changed yesterday when Adobe announced that they would develop for the iphone]. Another technical speedbump is that Flash cannot currently translate screen taps into mouseovers, and so many features in flash depend on mouseovers.

I think I get irritated when people do not realize that perhaps the issues are technical. But consumers don’t think that way, so under the rug goes another frustration.

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thanks squirbel,ur the best, and my bad on the question being asked more than once

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It’s cool, sorry if I sounded snippy :)

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no prob,your the man,or women!

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Draining the battery shouldn’t be on the list of reason for not including Flash. Why not just add the option to disable it? We use the 3G/HSDPA networks that drain batteries like crazy and have the option to toggle HSDPA on and off.

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shouldent whenever u r done watching a flash movie it turns off the feature automatically

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@ afghanmoose
It should. It should also have an option to disable it when you are browsing. So many people use Flash, you might not need it playing videos all the time, even if it turns off afterwards.

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I read an articlethat apple is patenting the invention of solar technology intigrated with the iPhone,using light from the sun as well as the screen

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