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What's your attitude about feet as an errogenous zone?

Asked by syz (35649points) March 20th, 2008

I just looked at a personals section of the local paper and it’s full of men looking for women who will let them worship thier feet! I don’t find feet sexy and I had a friend who was so anti feet that he made his partner wear socks during sex so she wouldn’t touch him with them. Are you attracted, indifferent, or repulsed?

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I work for a podiatrist and find nothing sexy about feet at all!

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My feet are for walking and looking nice in sandals [yay sandal season is here!]

Feet? Sexy? Ew.

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I’m down with feet, but not all feet. They have to be pretty.

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I allowed my husband to paint my toenails a long time ago. I was so embarrassed. Which is strange as it is not particulary sexual and the poor man was there when I gave birth to the three heirs to all our worldy goods (house in the burbs and a van – go figure!) so I lost all modesty with him a long time ago. Plus he did a bad job! All kidding aside, I think to each his/her own. Here in Arizona, everyone wears sandals and I see a lot of feet – some are good and some are bad. Some I think are so cute and well groomed and probably wouldn’t mind kissing – if I was forced to while at the wrong end of a shot gun mind you – and some I see and think GROSS and I couldn’t imagine someone wanting to do anything with them let alone play footsies under the Pizza Hut table!

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it really depends on the feet. If they feature toenails like horns that are growing back in to the foot and need special tools to cut then I’d have to say no.

scamp's avatar I didn’t see anything on the chart that connects to the reproductive organs. But sexual arousal is mainly in the mind anyway, so to each his own, I guess. After seeing so many horrible looking feet at work, it’s just not my cup of tea. I would hate to ask my dentist for a prescription of Lamisil!! LOL!!

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My attitude would be somewhere along the lines of… ew.

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I have beautiful feet! But I take very good care of them their always freshly painted every week and I do my own pedicures because I love to wear sandals flip flops or any other open shoe and I don’t want people looking at my feet with disgust!

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My feet have been admired by guys who like feet, and even by those that claimed they never did before mine… I take very good care of my skin head-to-toe, and if he likes them, it’s a good thing. Having ones’ feet/toes kissed and such does take some getting used to; but it adds to the foreplay experience.

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Massage on my feet is sooo nice, and massage = relax = feel more like sex. I never thought of them as an erogenous zone until one lover got his tongue intimately involved with my toes, and I have to say that was pretty hot. (note: was freshly showered). However, I also had a lover with the “foot fetish”, which was kinky at first but he was so fixated on it it got old and became a turn-off pretty quick….but I do recommend playing around with tongues and clean feet, at least to try ;)

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Feet can be fun because they are so sensitive (e.g. tickling). I’ve never been much on the whole mouth+foot thing though, that’s kind of weird to me. That said, I don’t mind giving a foot massage to a special someone as long as they’re appreciative. I really find all parts of a woman attractive though. Playing footsie in bed after making love can be fun too, not sure why that is though.

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I love my foot fetish lol. It just 1 of many things that turn me on about women. I love it when a woman puts her feet on my belly. It all depends on who you ask.

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