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How does the trimester system work in college?

Asked by chelle21689 (7648points) July 19th, 2010

This school I know goes by trimesters. Basically 18 week classes combined but broken up by 3 groups (6 weeks each).
Each 6 weeks you take one class. When that 6 weeks is up, you pick another class.

Does this mean that I can take a 6 week class and when it’s over I can take a break for 6 weeks even if it means me finishing my degree slower?

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It sounds the 6 weeks one course block schedule is more idiosyncratic than just ordinary trimester scheduling. We could only guess what the options for you would be; your best bet is to contact the school or check on their website.

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Hm I asked my sis and I found out.

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I was on trimesters in school, but not 6 week classes. I have never heard of that.

One year I went for fall term, took off winter term, and returned for spring term. I went to Summer term instead of winter.

What college are you looking at that has the system you are talking about?

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My nursing school did that, but at that point, we didn’t have a choice of our courses (it was our specialty courses). They did it so that we could focus on the one course for 6 weeks instead of all three courses for 18 weeks. They assigned the rotations, so we just went where we were told. We weren’t allowed to take any time off in between.

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Franklin University.

@seaofclouds from what I know, most medical fields are very strict on classes and scheduling right? I think it could be different because I looked in to Sonography once and it was extremely strict and you had to be totally committed to it.

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@chelle21689 Yes, they tend to be pretty strict. The nursing program I was in, the only choice we had was whether we wanted to go full time or part time once the nursing courses started. Up until then, we could do what we wanted. Once we started the nursing courses, they scheduled the courses and just gave us our schedules.

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