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Is it just me or is there more than a few Flutherites that you'd like to fluther vigorously?

Asked by SeventhSense (18904points) July 19th, 2010

I mean is it just that we are some of the best gene pool on the coral reef? Is it just that intelligence is sexy or what? Or maybe I’m just a dogfish.

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Do you mean “fluther” as in “roger”?

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@gailcalled . . . i think he means it as in “taosan”

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Roger Roger.

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Fluthering is always a loving act unless whips are involved…

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@Blondesjon: You lost me there, pops.

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@SeventhSense So there is someone you’d like to “fluther”?

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Go for it.

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Naa best to leave it in virtual land.

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Then why, in the name of all that is P/A, would you bring it up?

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Ok well I didn’t want it to come out like this jon….oh wow this is awkward….I mean what are you going to tell your wife~

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@SeventhSense . . . that my dick has always smelled this way

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LMAO….We’ll have to switch it up next time. You play Yogi Berra.

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See how fast this thread went downhill?

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@chyna . . . you’re welcome :)

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It would all be a mind-f….um mind-fluther. But, yes. there are quite a few jellies here that I’d like to take for a romp in the ocean bed. Name names? I thinkthink notnot. No. Rather not show my delirium.

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One woman girl over here..

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mmmm…...jellies turn me on.

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I’m never going to see the word fluther the same way again. And I’m also not bending down for the soap around you @SeventhSense. ~

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Intelligence is sexy!

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It’s not just you.

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I spent 16 years in federal for fluthering Vunessuh. But she liked it so it was all worth it.

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There is only one.

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Aw, shucks. Thanks, @jonsblond.


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Psh. If I were single and not the CM I’d be all over several of you people. ;)

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Yes. Intelligence is definitely sexy. Nuff said.

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@augustlan: Like white on rice?

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There is only one.
Yes and thank God for that. That fucker gets within an inch of my ass and they’ll call him stumpy….actually I heard that’s your pet name for him already blond. :)
Hey slow down now, I know you belong to Rocco on cell block D.

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You are certainly sponge worthy on my reef.

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It is REFRESHING to enjoy the company of good (sometimes) intelligent people. Without all the superficial junk that comes with meeting face to face.

It’s the way people should get to know one another.

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it’s true. you guys dont stare at my boobs. :):)

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Yes, I do. Luckily for me, I fluther Arisztid on a regular basis. Or he fluthers me. Or we fluther each other. Or something like that.

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I call dibs on @richardhenry. He’s allllllllllllll mine.

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Would not get between @chels and @richardhenry for anything. @chels would hurt me.

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I’m sorry, I was distracted there for a minute

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I’m getting a buzz just thinking about itl What were we talking about?

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I would definitely get my fluther on with some jellies…you know who you are.

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@chyna Hahah. I love you <3.

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Um, ya I would, but I couldn’t, so I’m glad I can’t.
I won’t divulge names but there are a couple of fluthers I think are quite fluthy!

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Will you all please stop talking about me now? Thanks.

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Were your ears ringing? We were all PM’ing.
Don’t get paranoid or anything. We’re planning a surprise party for you..
OK we we were just gossipping

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Um….not so far, but there are a few Jellies I’d like to see suffocate in the BP mishap. lol

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