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After finishing antibiotic, My ear still hurts( I did diagnosis pneumonia)

Asked by josia37 (4points) July 19th, 2010

I got diagnosis walking pneumonia this week and on the antibiotic for 7days. tomorrow will be the my last day of the antibiotic.
cough, throat got feel better but my ear still really hurts!!! can’t lay down side of my ear and can’t even sleep at all. night get more worst. so i went to ENT doctor and he told me that i do not have ear infection,but “It might be TMJ disorder, ear pain is nothing to do with your pneumonia. Teeth grinding,gum chewing,or dental problem.” but i do not grinding my teeth,chewing tough food or chewing much. recently, I went to dentist.
if anyone has any idea for this matter?? I am so much pain and so annoying!! please help me!!

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What drug did you take for the pneumonia?

I don’t think you developed TMJ in the last couple of weeks.

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I’ve had pneumonia and 7 days sounds like a pretty short time for a course of antibiotics.

If it were me, I would go to another Dr. or a different ENT specialist and get a second opinion.

If he tells you there is no ear infection, ask him specifically what he is basing that judgement on.

Just make sure that whoever you go to for a second opinion is unconnected to the original ENT guy.

You definitely need an independent evaluation by an unbiased medical professional.

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Did the ear pain start with the pneumonia or did you have it before the pneumonia? I agree with @Buttonstc about getting the second opinion.

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Are you taking Azithromycin? It is a 5 day antibiotic however day one is two pills at once so it could be that you extended it for 7 days.
Is your ear pain causing your ear to swell? Is it hot? Is it red? Do you hear fluid in it or does it ring (tinnitus)? Where is your discomfort pain level at on a scale of 1 to 10? It could be you got some fluid trapped in there while you were coughing and having a respiratory infection.
Call your doctor and ask him or the nurse for the best advice. Do you have hay fever or allergies that cause post nasal drip? All of these things could factor in to ear pain.

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Levoquin is more likely with pneumonia, that might be 7 days, although I think most docs would go at least 10, not sure.

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For me it was Amoxicyllin 500mgs. for 10 days followed by checkup and additional 10 days.

I guess that’s why anything less seems short especially considering there is still symptomology.

Maybe because I went through several years of repeat infections of sinus, ear, bronchial in repetitious cycles I’m aware of how interrelated and migrating locations of these types of infections. I’m also used to a Dr who errs on the side of caution and was not quite so dismissive regarding persistent symptomotology.

Let a fresh set of eyes evaluate the situation. If they concur with the first, then it’s time enough to go looking in other directions.

But if it’s still the original infection, the longer the time with no antibiotic at all, the longer it takes to clear the whole mess up completely.

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