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Was the soup nazi's business practices legal?

Asked by topserb96 (131points) March 20th, 2008 from iPhone

can you deny people service, for the reasons he did, legally? Is it his right to deny ppl, or is it the customers right to get service?

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I believe he was in his rights if I own something I should be able to sell it to who I want

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it’s his business he has the right to refuse service to anyone. There’s law no that forces restaraunts to serve everyone.

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Yea its legal. There was no discrimination based upon race or anything like that. It was the rules of the place. The owner of Genos steaks in Philadelphia , Joey Vento used to come into the resturante i used to work at and was telling me about how he put up a sign that said “This Is America: When Ordering Please ‘Speak English’.” It caught a lot of controversy but in the end it was allowed. He wasnt discriminating anyone, he just had that rule for his place because so many people would speak spanish and point so orders would get messed up and he lost a lot of money.

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I know in Georgia the law says you are not allowed to discriminate by race or gender, but everything else is allowed. So you can’t say “I’m not gonna serve you because you’re a ( insert race/gender here )” but you can say “You know what? I don’t like the way you part your hair…get the hell out of my business!” and you’re legally within your rights as a business owner.

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He was not within his rights and he wasn’t willing to sell out principles for money. Pretty cool!!!

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your discrimiating agaist people with bad hair

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No. His business practices were _un_ethical.

After all, he is a practicing Nazi in America. He should get the gas chamber!

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