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Coffee lovers: in the summer heat, iced or hot?

Asked by ETpro (34550points) July 22nd, 2010

While exercising in the park the other day, a gentleman of perhaps my age happened by sipping a cup of hot coffee from a nearby Italian coffee shop. We struck up a conversation in which he, seeing me dripping in sweat, half apologized for having hot coffee on such a steamy day, I told him I love coffee too, and often drink it hot even in the summer. It sometimes seems like the heat on the inside makes the outside heat just a touch more tolerable. He said his father had always told him that same thing.

In truth, aside from still drinking it hot, I love iced coffee and particularly iced cappuccino in the summer heat too. But for the sake of maintaining that moment of camaraderie, I didn’t volunteer that information, and just wished him a good day as I hit the trail for my next round of pumping iron while walking.

How about you? In the summer heat, is it always iced, either way, always hot or is coffee for winter and summer for ice tea in your book?

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Hot, Hot, Hot!!!!! ;-)

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Never iced. I always drink my coffee hot.

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Iced. But not the Starbucks frappocino ice blended crap covered in cream (or the various knock offs)

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I always drink my coffee hot.

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Iced coffee year round, when I do drink it.
P. S. I make it myself

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I loved iced coffee! In the morning we make a pot of coffee and we put whatever is left over in the fridge for later. It’s good whenyou come home after work and you decide to relax on your deck, amybe put a little disaronno inside…mmmmmmm

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Always hot, very hot.

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Always hot. Because I must have it without milk, and iced coffee always contains milk.

I will often have iced tea though. And I don’t mean that instant powdered stuff. I mean proper brewed tea left to cool, with a dash of lemon juice and a sprig of mint. Delicious.

My mum always says that hot drinks are better in hot weather.

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As of tomorrow 12 o’clock, i will drink Greek frappĂ© for the next three weeks!

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Lot’s of us seem to fit the old saw, Some Like it Hot. @Mtl_zack Great strategy. I like m first cup hot in the morning, but on a really hot day, ided for the afternoon. @downtide If you make it yourself you can certainly have it iced, no milk. Even Duncan Donuts and Starbucks will serve it up that way if you ask.

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Hot, but I don’t know why. I love iced coffee when I think of it.

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Always hot in the morning, and usually hot in the afternoons as well. If it’s a real scorcher, I’ll make iced. I do what @Mtl_zack does: Make an extra pot in the morning, cover it so none of the wonderful aroma escapes, and stick it in the fridge until the afternoon. I also add sugar while it is still hot, so it dissolves and I don’t have to add it to the cold coffee where it just sits in the bottom of the glass. When I want some, I just pour it over ice and stir in a bit of milk. So good.

Very rarely, I’ll get an iced mocha latte from Dunkin Donuts. The problem is they are so good I drink them in about two minutes. :(

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Although I don’t really care as long as it taste good~~I definitely prefer hot over iced coffee…
I personally think coffee need to be hot to appreciate the real taste

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Usually hot but I’ll go with however it strikes my fancy.

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Hot, but morning only, on the rare occasion I will have an iced coffee at Starbucks, maybe once during the season.

After the early morning 3–4 cups, I’m a water girl.

I do love the long, lingering, early morning java scene though. 6–8 am-ish.

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@MissAusten Good point about dissolving the sugar before refrigerating. I always hate when restaurants serve it iced with the whole glass full of ice, hardly and coffee, and no sugar added. It takes ages to get the sugar dissolved, and by the time you do, so much ice has melted the coffee tastes watered down. I have to discipline myself on Duncan’s iced mocha latte too. I could drink myself out of house and home. :-)

@Coloma After 3 or 4 cups, water is probably a welcome and needed break for your kidneys/ :-)

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Iced coffee is great.

I make a cold brew coffee concentrate (we talked about it on Fluther not long ago) that I keep so I always have coffee made. Since it’s never heated, the oils don’t make it bitter.

If I want it hot, I just mix ¼ concentrate & ¾ water and pop it in the microwave.

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@netgrrl How do you do cold-water coffee brewing? That sounds neat.

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There’s a lot of info out there, this is just one link.

You can buy a toddy maker to make it or DIY, which is what I do these days. Essentially you pour water over ground coffee, let it set out at least 12 hours, strain & keep in the fridge. How much coffee/ how strong is really a matter of personal taste. A French press also makes a good concentrate too, if you want a smaller amount.

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@netgrrl Thanks. Easy-peasy.

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I drink ( usually ) a half caff. blend…so I can enjoy multiple cups without spontaniously combusting. lol

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I take coffee any way I can get it, regardless of the weather. In the summer I like it cold, but it really doesn’t matter

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@Aesthetic_Mess Easy to please, hey? Just keep you caffeinated.

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@ETpro Definitely. I get a headache if I don’t drink some form of it.

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@Aesthetic_Mess You’re talking to a fellow addict. It’s the most innocuous of addictions, though. Coffee drinkers, as long as they don’t go to huge excess, outlive the teatotalers.

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@ETpro I never knew that. Coffee has other benefits for your health. I drink it black most of the time.

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@Aesthetic_Mess I love it with half-and-half and sugar. Wish I could take it black, as it would be cheaper and healthier. But I figure I can survive 2 large cups a day.

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I like coffee drinks with sugar, but just regular black coffee most of the time. I like getting my coffee from Starbuck’s or Dunkin Donuts

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