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What do u like about fluther?

Asked by elman25 (159points) March 21st, 2008 from iPhone

why has fluther attracted many fans so quickly??

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I love to learn how others think it helps me grow as a person to learn from other who think defferent than me and to be about to voice my views on things

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I like to earn points :)

Seriously… the site attracted so many new members from being posted in Apple’s webapps list. That’s how most of us found out about it!

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I just love the people here. They combine humor, serious thought, and help in ways that just work. Its great! Its REAL questions answered by REAL people. What more can you say?

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Quality community. Yahoo Answers is a f**king joke. It reminds of YouTube or Myspace. Just spilling over with crap.

Not to mention Fluther is aesthetically pleasing, functional, and progressive. Hopefully Fluther never stops working on implementing new features. Evolution in beautiful.

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