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Ok...what has ever made you go "ew" while visiting someone else's house?

Asked by NaturallyMe (4912points) July 23rd, 2010

And do you think there’s anything ew going on in your house that you don’t think is ew but you think or know almost everyone else will think it’s ew?

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Please, please, please don’t make me think about this.

There was a green booger sitting on the stick of butter being passed around the table.

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No way…......

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I had a dog puke all over my shoes while I was sitting at someone’s kitchen table. Small dog, but lots of puke.

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My mom worked in a hospital and put fish sauce into a container usually used to collect urine samples and brought it to work for lunch. The container was new and clean but it just looked really weird to her co-workers because the color of the sauce is similar to the color of urine. I didn’t really see a problem with it though. It’s a container and it’s kind of cute if you ignore the bright blue lid.

I took a bath at a friend’s place and I said the water was draining slowly. He pulled out a plunger and attempted to unclog the tub. I felt kind of sick watching him use the plunger in the tub but he reassured me he never used the plunger for his toilet, only for his bath tub.

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Since I work in people’s homes… I can’t even begin to tell you the nasties I’ve seen.

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My friends flat was ENTIRELY ew, it had 3 boys living in it…. doing nothing…. need I say more? And yes, I have two ferrets, and ferrets kinda stink! I don’t mind it but I am pretty sure some of my friends think it’s pretty ew!

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Oh ga. Roaches crawling in a package of ribs, and she cooked them up anyway…..she rinsed the meat off, of course, and there was no harm, I know that, but it was ew anyway.

Everything is SA is ew.

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I’ll just link to my answer here.

Oy, vey, that place? One of the levels of hell that Dante missed!

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Ewww. Dirty nasty kitchens just turn me off. I’m talkin about a greasy stove with greasy pots and pans that look like you just cook in them and never wash it out before you cook something else in it. Dirty dishes with stuck on food in the sink. Don’t even offer me a drink of anything if you have to find a glass and wash it out. And dirty kitchen floors where your shoes stick to the floor. Eeeewwww!

Don’t let me get started on a filthy bathroom.

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I went to a party…..and this guy had his dog in the bathroom with crap (literally feces) all over the floor. That was where his dog used the bathroom regularly.

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We let out dog lick the dinner plates. It’s not ew to me… I mean, she licks my face and we wash the dishes after. But I bet to other people, it’s totally disgusting.

Like @TheOnlyNeffie, I work in people’s homes. The most disgusting was a family who kept four cats in the downstairs part of their home. There were dead mice, hairballs, pee, poop, and all sorts of cat shit everywhere. And it stank. These people also did not get a new kitchen sponge in the 2.5 years I worked for them. Lovely people, aside from that.

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I knew some people who let their toddler run around without a diaper. The lady once said to her husband, “Why don’t you put her diaper on,” but she said it like she didn’t care. His justification was, “Well, she already pooped on the floor.” Couldn’t tell the baby poop from the cat poop that was everywhere too. The husband commited suicide by hanging himself when their daughter was 8. The daughter found him. Sick, sad people.

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Two separate times visiting my mom. In her last house, I couldn’t even walk in the door because the smell of dog urine was so strong. She had four little dogs that used “wee wee pads” in the house instead of going outside. I don’t know if the pads weren’t changed often enough or if the dogs were going other places too. I don’t know how my mom and her husband could not be aware of the stench. The house looked clean, but the smell was awful.

Last time I visited my mom, they’d moved into another house and had only two dogs. The dogs still used the wee wee pads, but I was relieved to not walk into their home and smell pee. It was my first time there since they’d moved, and my mom gave me a tour of the place. When she showed me the spare room/office, there were the wee wee pads with at least four little piles of dog poo. I can’t believe she just leaves the poop there until she feels like putting down clean pads. The worst part of it is, at the time she babysat full-time for a toddler. I still wonder if the little girl’s parents knew there was regularly dog shit on the floor of the house where their child played all day. Yuck.

As for my house, I’m sure there are things that would make people go “ew” at any given moment. I mostly blame the kids. Sometimes I stumble on things that even I can’t believe. One of my boys thought it would be funny to pee in the big tub of Legos. Nasty. They also sometimes have bad aim when using the toilet and don’t always remember to clean up after themselves. We used to sometimes find sippy cups under beds with unidentifiable contents. Other things are totally my own fault. I don’t clean out the fridge often enough, so there’s almost always something gross stashed in the back. Ditto for under the living room furniture, where dust bunnies breed like crazy and morph with whatever sticky things the kids drop down there. Moving the sofa to sweep under it is always an adventure.

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I went into a bathroom of an elderly couple and it appeared that the toilet had really leaked onto the floor, plus the bathroom had a funky smell. Before I used anything, I realized that this poor guy didn’t hit his mark – ever. Pee was all over the toilet, walls, and nearby tub. Good thing I didn’t sit down because I was wearing long pants that day they would have drug all through his mess.

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@Flowergurl Oh, that sounds like my husband’s grandfather’s house! He had the same problem in the bathroom. Poor dude was 90 and had only one leg, so maybe that was why. I couldn’t even walk down the hall toward that bathroom without the smell making me sick.

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As far as what would make other people go “ew!” would depend on how unreasonable germaphobic and paranoid they might be. If I drop food on the floor, and it can be rinsed, I rinse it and eat it. If the floor has been recently cleaned, I might not even bother to rinse it.

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The parents of my two toddler grandsons live like pigs. They don’t clean up spills, they don’t vacuum. Their rug, which was brand new when we bought the house two years ago, is now covered with crumbs so deep you can’t even tell it was once cream colored. They allow the baby to pick food up off the floor and eat it.

When they change diapers, they just throw them in a pile in the corner and gather up the trash once a day, maybe. They put their empty soda cans on the floor, and only clean up when they can no longer walk through, and they pile up their food plates, with food still on them under their desk for as long as a week.

One redeeming quality, they bath the boys every day.

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@YARNLADY If they’re your grandsons, then one of the parents must be your son or daughter…? Have you talked to them?

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Dirty bathrooms, really dirty stove tops, and overall dirty kitchens, along with carpets in general (most, not all) all tend to gross me out. I’m kinda easily sceeved and tend to keep my apartment fairly clean, but having two long haired cats in such a small space, makes it hard. I always feel like people who sleep over or come over after I’ve been out for a few hours, will be grossed out by the litter box… cat poop smells so bad, and there’s always cat hair everywhereee, no matter what I do! :(

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Too many animals make me go “ew”. My aunt has too many dogs and cats and the pet smell is outrageous.

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This is some nasty shit! And here i thought improperly washed dishes, and a carpet so dirty that it was oily underneath was gross…..Which they still ARE of course….
@wundayatta a BOOGER on the butter??? LOL. but oh so gross….
@TheOnlyNeffie i used to clean our bed and breakfast until not too long ago. The grossest thing i had to clean there one time was poop on the shower glass door!! :S
@Dutchess_III Kansan people eat roached food? EW! Over here we eat marinated, not roached! ribs….
@aprilsimnel that’s disgusting!!
@AmWiser dirty dishes are gross….and it kinda makes me want to gag eating at someone’s house where the dishes are always dirty. :S
@Likeradar i let my cats eat off my cutlery, i know others would probably find it ew, hehe. And… can anyone still use a 2,5 year old sponge?!?!?!
@YARNLADY that’s disgusting!
@Samantha_Rae my furniture get full of cat hair too, but i don’t care, haha, people just have to deal with it if i didn’t vacuum it properly. Tee hee…. Don’t worry, dirty dishes are way more gross than a kitty litter box! :)
@Dutchess_III my husband dropped some chicken a la king on the floor earlier today, you can come and eat it!

As for the rest of yous, thanx for all your gross stories! Some people are grosser than i could imagine. :S

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@NaturallyMe I will not eat your chicken because it fell in LION POOP!

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@NaturallyMe I’m sorry to admit that cleaning up feces is a normal part of my job. That doesn’t mean I’m not ranking it up there with some of the things that have caused the “ew” factor for me. lol.

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@Dutchess_III – i thought you’d appreciate the special African flavour…
@TheOnlyNeffie – that’s just….....ugh (which is ew to the power of 10)

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@Dutchess_III My son laughingly told me the other day “Remember when I was always the messy one at home? Well, now I’m the clean one, and I complain all the time, but it does no good.”

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….boys go nuts if they see a tampon in my garbage….. its in the freakin can!!!!

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1. roaches in the kitchen
2. skillets soaking on the stove after fried eggs
3. the smell of feet and ass in the kitchen
4. dirty toilet bowls or unflushed excrement
5. the smell of bleach and dog shit
6. kitchen clutter—no counter space for yards and yards
7. scum and grease on counters

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@tifa eewww! Can’t you wrap it up in something before you throw i away. That just seems kinda nasty.

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@AmWiser: yeah usually toilet paper, but when im at home…its my home and i get lazy… but still its not like its laying around my room its IN the freakin can!!!


Cats walking on the kitchen counter, and cat hair everywhere.

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My ex husband and I visted my half siblings out of state one summer and it was a toss up of which of their homes was more ew. One sister had a dead dog putrifying in the back yard that my ex helped ladle up into a plastic bag for disposal and the other sister had an apt. full of huge cockroaches, many many dead ones behind the furniture and against the walls in corners and also live ones you’d hear hitting the walls at night (we had sleep over once).

In my home then the most ew is probably the small backyard which is dirt where our 3 dogs make poops, lots of poops. Weekly we do a poop patrol and rake them up to throw out. Thank goodness the unbearable sun and heat bake them into charcoals but still, the site of them is ew. I loathe to rake more often because of the dust and because poops in general make me cringe.

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@Neizvestnaya wow, thats really bad! Don’t worry about your garden, poops happen hehe, my ferrets sometimes poop behind the couch and I have to drag it out and clean it up, not so pleasant

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A poop stilling on top on the toilet seat.

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3. the smell of feet and ass in the kitchen

I… I don’t want to know…

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@RANGIEBABY – you’d definitely not wanna come to my house, my kitties have free reign to walk where they want, including kitchen counters. ;)
@Neizvestnaya – a dead dog…..?! :S And, poops in the yard are still ok, it’s when the poops end up on the patios and inside the house where it’s EW!!
@Frenchfry – stilling? What’s a poop doing on the toilet seat?! Ew.
@aprilsimnel – LOL, I thought the same thing!

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i went to visit some friends for dinner once and they didn’t have napkins. when i asked for a napkin the wife went into the bathroom and took out the roll of toilet paper (no thanks, that’s ok!!).

I don’t like when people let cats walk all over the counters. i have 3 cats, and i don’t let them walk on the counters.

i have a friend who was very heavy and he has two cats. since he does not change the box that often, they go outside the box, and the rug surrounding the box is covered with cat feces and urine. gross.

i had a friend who lived in an apt over a Polish deli. i went to visit her once and i noticed a roach crawling on the cabinet over her head. when i started looking carefully, there were roaches everywhere (i mean everywhere). i could not live like that.

when people do a lot of frying of their food, the stove has to be cleaned or else it becomes caked with dried up grease, which is gross.

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I remembered this while cleaning the bathroom yesterday:

A few years ago, my husband and I went to his parents’ house to help them get ready for a big family gathering. His mom was cooking like crazy, and his dad had been given the job of cleaning the bathroom. I have no idea why my husband and I both went into the bathroom where my father-in-law was cleaning, but as we stood there talking to him he just continued scrubbing the toilet bowl with a brush. He then took the brush directly out of the toilet and started using it to scrub the sink and bathroom counter. We both started yelling about how gross that was, but he just laughed. Nasty.

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Oh oh, here’s an ew from childhood. I was being babysat by one of my mom’s friends along with some other kid and the lady took a washrag, soaked it in the toilet bowl and used it to wash off the kid’s poopy bottom. I told my mom I didn’t want to go there again.

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@MissAusten :S !!!
@Neizvestnaya that’s very disturbing…eeewww….I suppose it was too much trouble for her to open a tap.


@NaturallyMe Do your kitties us a litter box? Nevertheless, their feet are very dirty, how can you prepare food for your family on that kind of surface. eeewww.

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You guys are all SICK! But damn… I love you all anyway!

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@RANGIEBABY they do use a little box, yes. But somehow that’s never bothered me. I (usually, when if i think about it) clean the counters before i make food, but must admit that i don’t always do it because if the counter looks clean i don’t clean it again. Umm, hehe. I do disinfect the counters every now and then as well, but not always. So, yeah, bring your own food if you ever come visit me, ‘k? ;)

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Well, geez. Speaking of hair. My white German Shepherd sheds twice a year. She sheds MOUNTAINS of hair. I only have one small 10 X 6 area rug in the living room, but one pass with the vacuum cleaner and it is PLUGGED with hair. She’s on the downside of her second shedding now. It’s unsightly, but I don’t think it’s unsanitary.


@NaturallyMe I let my little bichons on my bed and furniture. They don’t shed, but now that I think about it, their little bottoms are not covered with anything. eeewww. I might have to diaper them or keep them off my furniture. It does make you stop and think. I am sure your kitties sit on your counter as well. hummm. I think we both better make some changes.:)


@Dutchess_III The problem is dog and cat hair has mites and things in on them. I have asthma so animal hair is not allowed in my house. But going to someone’s house that has that is a problem for me, not only breathing but hair all over my clothes.

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@RANGIEBABY aren’t going to clean my house any more??? WAAA!!
My daughter has an asthma-like condition, and it can be hard on her. If I know she’s coming over I try to get as much as I possibly can. Regardless, we usually sit outside because of the shedding.


@Dutchess_III No, sorry I don’t do animal hair. haha. I do windows and toilets. hahahaha. Not. There are no cats in our family, too many are absolutely allergic to them, to the point, their throat swells and eyes itch. My son has a retriever and it sheds all the time. She use to be in the house, but after their baby was born, the dog is outside, which I appreciate when I visit. Good luck with a new housekeeper. hehe

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@RANGIEBABY Shoot. I’m da housekeeper!

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