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What's a good Q&A site for techie questions?

Asked by MyNewtBoobs (19026points) July 26th, 2010

We seem to get a lot of very specific techie questions here, but they’re so specific and technology is so broad that most of them go unanswered, if not orphaned. Is there a good site to go to for these questions? A blog you are fond of who’s readers will be helpful?

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Metafilter. For all around, I don’t think anything is better.

However, if it is a specific topic (i.e. Web design, electronic music composition, Mac, etc.) I always find forums on sites devoted to that topic to be much more successful and quality in their answers.

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@dverhey They require you to pay :(

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@papayalily Yeah, I know. I personally think it’s worth it, but I could see how that could be a turn off.

What exactly are you looking for? Just all around techie stuff or more specific?

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Give Digital Point a try as well, you should be able to find answers there.

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@dverhey I’m against it on principle. While right now they’re the only I’ve seen do it, every website seems to require you to register for it in some way. Want to comment? Register. Want to rate it on a 5 star system? Register. Want to view the article/comments/slightly less obnoxious ads? Register. I swear, I register for at least one website a day – and if each of those cost me 5 bucks, that’d add up real quick.

All around techie stuff. In general, a place where various techie people chill out online. Macs and PCs, programmers, hardware people, a good mix. But I’m not sure such a mythical utopia exists.

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The Tech Support Guy is free and has a large base of users. It’s been around for awhile and has received numerous awards and write-ups in comp. mags and tech review sites.

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For a fairly broad net of techies I love Community Feedback. There is usually someone there who can either help you with your problem or point you exactly where you need to go to solve your problem.

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@papayalily Try

Under the search term “forum computer tech questions” (remove quotes) I found

If you want particular types of forums try using the keyword(s) you want and the word forum or bulletin board. For example Windows XP forum, or Apple software forum.

I hope this helps.

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I Google for answers, my question has usually been answered somewhere.

Tip: Experts Exchange shows up often in Google results, and it is a pay site.

But if you scroll way, way, way down the page, the solution is displayed for free.

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For strictly math questions, I have found the NRich site to be very helpful

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I usually just type my question into the google search and I find a lot of reliable answers.

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I have received very helpful technology type answers on

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