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Why don't my questions show up?

Asked by naconasong (371points) July 26th, 2010

I have asked quite a few but they are not posting?

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Contact the mods. See the “Contact” label on orange banner, above and to the right…just left of the “Google Custom Search” window.

This question did show up.

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You can only ask 3 in a 12 hour period. If you’ve managed to “ask” more than 3, you’re missing a step somewhere…

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(WOW! What kind of dog?)

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have they been pushed to editing?

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GA @ninahenry

Look at the top of your fluther screen. There should be big letters that say “YOU HAVE A QUESTION THAT NEED EDITING!!!!”

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Uhh…it did.

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@tinyfaery No it didn’t. This one didn’t, anyway.

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Then how am I reading it and typing this post?

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You’re not. It’s all in your imagination. And mine. Wow, man. We’re having the same dream!

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I think this is a ghost question. It’s not really here.

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@wundayatta: Deus ex machina.

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@gailcalled Bravo! GA!

Oh darn. I had a word for you the other day and now I’ve forgotten what it was. :(

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Geez, I gotta get better dreams, you guys!

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@wundayatta No it’s not really here…...wait!! You’re in my dream too?? Man, it’s getting crowded in here… (I hear the voice of Cheech, of Cheech and Chong in my ear, do you? :)

@gailcalled I spent 20 minutes waiting for my computer to tell me what “Deus ex machina” meant! LOL! ktxbie (I’m still reading the LOL Kitteh Bible!)

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@Dutchess_III: You have to choose; you can’t like Deus ex machina and simultaneously Kitteh Bible.

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See? Now this is what I love about fluther. Two things I had never heard of ten minutes ago: ktxbye and the Kitteh Bible. I feel like I’m so up on current culture. Or, at least I’ll be able to impress my kids (who will act utterly unimpressed).

Now the even more awe-inspiring thing about this is that @gailcalled appears to be conversant with the Kitteh Bible. Is that an earthquake I feel? Does this dream include the wavering of the edges of reality?

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@gailcalled Don’t cha just hate Beginner’s Luck? Like, uh, I just did incorporate the two!

Here you go @wundayatta! LOL catz Bible! Genesis is the best, because, if you browse you can see that they said “K. Da Bible iz big tranzlate. U help wud be fein!” Or something along those linez. After Genesis it kind of goz downhillz….. Here ‘tiz LOL Cat Bible

We’re all goin’ to Hell. I just know it. I AM NOT SUPPOSED TO CRACK UP IN THE PLACES WHERE THE LORD (Ceiling Cat) EXHORTS AGAINST FORNICATION, EITHER WITH YOUR WIFE OR WITH YOURSELF! Not even the animals on the Ark were allowd to fornicate becuz it wud getz t00 croweded. But I do laught. An God knows I do. No point in hiding. Sigh. I’ll never get my dream home now…..

Wait. This question does not exist! God will neva even know I LAFFED!!

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[mod says] Ahem. Let’s get back on track, shall we? We show that you’ve asked a total of 3 questions, one of which was ultimately removed. The other two are posted, including this one.

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Are you using the Fluther App on an iPhone?

When I first tried that, the questions just disappeared into the ether.

Just use a page on Mobile Safari and your entire experience will be so much more satisfying.

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@augustlan When she asked this question I checked her account and this was the only one showing…but looks like she’s fixed now. (That wasn’t me being silly. That was my evil twin.)

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I see them now!!! Hey! Cool. I can finally answer them

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