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What is the name of the soft squishy material found in bike seats?

Asked by squirbel (4292points) March 21st, 2008

What is the name of the soft, squishy material in bike seats? Where can I purchase this material?

I need to re-upholster my favorite chair , because it is old and I can feel the wood underneath. It makes sitting at the computer absolutely sucky, and the discomfort reduces my performance as a raid healer!


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well you could use upholstery foam you can find that at a textile warehouse or fabric store

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Are you talking about those gel-like seats? The ones that keep your nether-regions cool while riding? Its probably some sort of viscous liquid in a plastic sack. That would be very comfortable on an office chair though. Some chairs seem to have the seats prebuilt with it. I’d bet that someone out there manufactures a seat cover like this so then you could place it underneath and re-upholster over top.

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Hmm yes, that’s the stuff. I’m like this close to buying bike seats and dismantling unless I can find either the proper name or a place to buy them. [Having the name will make googling easier] :)

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Fat, they reuse it from liposuctions. Don’t mind me, I’m feeling snarky.

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Aha, I think wheelchair companies sell gel seats – I can cannibalize one of those for the gel. Thanks All!

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why dont you go with some memory foam they go for pretty cheap on ebay for bed toppers, cut it, hack it then relax in it

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Sorbothane is another similar material. They put it in grips, seats, insoles, and has many industrial applications. Very squishy stuff.

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I would expect that the gel stuff is a really low-durometer urethane. Call up a plastic supplier (like one that sells A-B rubber) and see if they have a solution. You will likely have to cast it yourself, but A-B rubbers are pretty easy to handle.

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