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Does Fluther have a spell check option?

Asked by naconasong (371points) July 28th, 2010

If so how do we activate it?

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I have a spell checker downloaded into my Firefox browser. That way I have a spell checker where ever I am on the Internet.

To answer your question: I don’t believe they do.

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I am yousing Fluther now on a pc with Firefox and, as u can c, i don’t think there is a spell checker build in in Fluther.
In Opera (browser) i have a checker installed, and it helps me avoid (most) typos.

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Yeah I believe her name’s @Gailcalled. There are of course affiliates, but that’s your best bet.

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No. But as @tranquilsea says, if you use Firefox, its spellchecker works in Fluther.

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No, but Firefox has a built in checker for input boxes on any web page.

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A spell-checker is at work on Fluther. If it is not Fluther’s it must be Firefox’s. There is a certain eclectic vocabulary in the offerings that make me think it is Fluther.
But only the Fluther gurus know for sure.
@rebbel don’t you get the red lines under the not-too-correct words?

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[mod says] There is no built-in spellchecker on Fluther. I recommend using Firefox for your browser, too, because it does have one.

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Yes, i do, but i thought that was Opera helping me out.
Now typing this on a pc with Firefox, and there is no red under lining.

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@rebbel You have to download a plug-in for the Firefox browser. I have a Canadian English dictionary downloaded on mine.

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Milo here; On the rare occasions that Gail isn’t butting into my posts, Safari alerts me.

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I am bummed it does not have a spell checker. Grumpyfish gets grumpy if you don’t spell right.

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