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My 21-month-old granddaughter walks on her knees?

Asked by nina (895points) July 28th, 2010

My 21-month-old granddaughter walks on her knees. She is very skinny and tall and is very afraid of walking. Any suggestions?

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I would say that, unless there seems to be a physical problem (her feet hurt, her ankles can’t support her, etc.) then just let her be when she does it, and offer encouragement when you notice her walking normally.

My little sister did a “spider crawl” until she was nearly two. I personally walked on my tiptoes. It’s just a phase. The world changes so fast for them… Don’t worry – I’m sure in ten years you’ll be telling her friends about this and laughing.

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Is she able to walk using her feet?

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What does her pediatrician say?

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Yes, she can, but she really hates doing it and bends her knees when put down.

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I agree with @Seek_Kolinahr. Don’t do anything. It’ll take care of itself in the fullness of time.

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Her pediatrician referred her to therapy which she will be getting but I was just trying to tap into the Collective’s wisdom and experience. I have always got great answers before. This is a hard one though.

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My son didn’t walk on his own until he was 20 months and it was due to some pretty significant orthopedic issues. I would recommend seeing a pediatric orthopedist and perhaps a pediatric neurologist.

I’m not trying to scare you, but recommending the path we used to identify why he wouldn’t walk, except when he was holding my hand. He’s doing great now, due to years of PT, OT, Feldencrais. He’s now 7.

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Her parents did take her to pediatric orthopedist – who found nothing wrong and referred her to OT and feeding therapy – she is a poor eater – thus too skinny for her height.

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give it time. if your really worried visit a doctor.

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Will she stand holding onto things, just chooses to get around on her knees? You say she is skinny, does she have poor muscle tone? If you put your hand on her feet when she is lying down can she push your hand back pretty hard. I am not a doctor, just thinking off the top of my head. I do think it is likely she will just grow out of it. Does she have siblings? Does she go to a pre-school of any type? Or, play with neighbors yet? If there is nothing physically wrong, I think if she spends time around other children her age who are walking she will be more likely to do it also. Just a thought.

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I doubt it is anything to worry about, but you should point it out to her pediatrician.

Keep us updated of any change.

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Have you tried a push toy? My daughter loves pushing a mini-stroller around (around $10 at Target).

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