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How come there isn't music controls when you press the sleep button on an iPhone or iPod touch?

Asked by 65Stang (508points) March 21st, 2008 from iPhone

when you wake up the iPhone or touch while listening to music, you can’t control the volume or skip a song? You have to slide the bar, go into music, then change it. Why can’t it be simpler?

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You can! Just double-tap the circle button.

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Aww… Once again beaten to the punch. Squirbel is right, just double tap the home button.

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Sorry hehe, I’ll scale back :)

I’ve answered very few the past couple days! I deserve that much credit :D

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Haha, I must be slow, this is the fourth time ive known an answer but got beaten =p

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I found that the best way to stop an iPod Playing without pressing any buttons is to hit it firmly across the corner of a table, works every time!

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wow I feel dumb idk that. That’s cool.

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