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What is that program that lets you control your tv and lights with you iPhone ? How does it work and were can I get it?

Asked by jdogg (871points) March 15th, 2008

if anyone could tell me how it works and how to get it that would be great.

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Cinemar’s MainLobby although as far as I can tell you have to have their system already in place and the software isn’t released yet.
It uses the MainLobby server which is installed in your house when you buy the system, and it controls your lights, thermostat, home cinema etc. and you can point MobileSafari to a page on the server which uses AJAX to create a set of controls for iPhone. You can then browse your movies, check the weather and control all the parts of your house connected to MLServer.

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it’s called x10 home control. You can find it at I think it works with a pc that’s connected to the lights somehow… Well, I’m not to sure on how it works.

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Here is X10 Home Control in the Apple WebApp directory, because linking to a homepage for a specific item is for people who don’t know how to Google.

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