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Do you drink Rum without a mixer of any kind? (ie, straight or on the rocks)

Asked by MrItty (17381points) July 30th, 2010

My cocktail of choice is generally a rum and coke. Well, tonight, I’m all out of coke. So I’m having a rum on the rocks. How common is this? I think the only time I’ve seen people drink straight rum is in Pirates movies….

What other liquors that are typically mixed with something do you drink on their own?

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I love a high quality sipping tequila.

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I can only drink the flavored rum on the rocks: Rum Jumbie, those coconut and pineapple flavored rums etc.

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@Blackberry I’m currently drinking a mix of Cruzan Vanilla and Cruzan Black Cherry….

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That’s funny. I have rum and no coke too. And I just finished the last of my Bailey’s. I hate rum, though. I only drink it in Coke, with a lot of lime. Mmm… Cuba Libre!

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Yes, those ones, Mr. Itty. I use a lot of ice cubes too.

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I drink whiskey and vodka on its own, I imagine rum is more or less the same. If you plan to do this though, take it slow.

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Rum and gin are the only types of alcohol that I couldn’t drink straight. Everything else is fine, but those two… well, I just have to have a mixer.

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Rum is gross straight. But if you like it, fret not. I won’t think less of you.

I only drink vodka and bourbon whiskey straight, but both of those are pretty commonly drunk straight I believe.

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@lapilofu I can only barely handle even a Whiskey Sour. I can’t imagine drinking it straight. Ew. Nasty. Maybe I’m just weird. I’m okay with that. :-)

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@MrItty After a while you get used to the intensity and learn to appreciate the sweetness and warmth whiskey brings to your heart. :)

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Half rum, half coke, drank almost like a shot.

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I like rum and water.

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@ratboy interesting. I suppose that’s what I’m drinking, if I let the ice melt long enough….

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I drank lukewarm straight rum out of a Nalgene in high school. Wasn’t so bad. But I thought it was vodka. Doesn’t “Bacardi” sound like a vodka name?

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I would drink dark rum or spiced rum straight up, but not white rum. I also never mix whisky with anything (except maybe a dash of water) but then I only drink good Scotch.

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I would of used juice.. I always have juice on hand though. I have a kid. I can’t drink any thing straight. I can do shot with a chaser though

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I prefer rum straight, and am not above drinking it without a glass.

Best drink I ever had involved 4 shots of Bacardi 151 and a shot each of Blue Curacoa and Kahlua. It was on fire though, so I had to slam it before it could ignite my mustache.
Word to the wise; downing that much booze in under 5 seconds will put you out of commission for a few minutes, so be sure you are already seated ;)

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@jerv You get a great answer because I am so awestruck by your drinking prowess.

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@lapilofu Back in my younger days, I was a lot hardier.. or more foolish.
I used to be able to drink three pitchers of beer on a weeknight and show up for duty at 7 the next morning sober. Not bad for a 150 pound guy!
The night I had that (they called it a Flaming Lambourghini), me and two friends of mine also went through four bottles of Malibu rum. Hong Kong is a fun town!

I’m pretty sure that if I tried that now, I’d be dead, or wake up the next morning wishing I was :D

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I have been known to drink rum without a mixer, but I prefer a single malt scotch.

Straight, of course and in a snifter if possible.

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