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How did you find Fluther?

Asked by CherrySempai (1139points) July 31st, 2010

Somebody already asked this, and I’m sorry if it’s a repeat! >.< But I couldn’t find it on the meta page….

So, how did you guys find fluther?! I had googled something, and then this showed up as one of the top answers!

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Last December the site that I was using did a major (and unfortunate) format change. I was part of the crowd that bailed out and found refuge here. I wish that I’d known about Fluther three years ago.

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When I went to google search a question.

Fluther is turning into yahoo answers. Lame-o questions the last few days. Not yours @CherrySempai.

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@jjmah Seems to go in cycles here.

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My daughter’s been a jelly for a couple of years and finally convinced me (3 days ago) to dive in…love it already!

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land This is the worst that I’ve seen it.

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Google search.

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@jjmah You’ve been on a year longer than I, it’s getting that bad? I was thinking it was “summer blahs”.

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I was doing a bit of jellyfish research, when lo and behold… Fluther. :)

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It was mentioned in an article in

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Same as @stranger_in_a_strange_land : the Q&A site where I’d hung out for the last six years (IIRC, I was the longest still-active member there) fucktified itself and I joined The Great Exodus.
Unlike many of them, I have no problem with the way the mods work here (I type with proper spelling and at least some attempt at grammar) or the limit on the number of questions you can post in a single day, and I find a generally higher quality of people here, so I stuck around and plan to do so for quite a while.

@jjmah There are always a few, but they tend not to stick around like they do at Yahoo or AB. Part of what I like about Fluther is it’s inherent Darwinism.

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Actually, I found the site through the tee-shirt. I was on my first StumbleUpon run and it sent me to the tee-shirt site and I had no idea what a fluther was so I came to the website. that was almost two years ago and I haven’t looked back since!

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I was having trouble setting up my wireless network and googled it. The most likely answer came from Fluther. I had never been involved with a Q & A site before but I found it very interesting here and stayed.

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Back when the app store came to be I had one of the first iPhones. An application arrived for a community named “fluther”

That was two years ago. The app is now toast but the mobile version still rocks my iphone.

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One of AB’s refugee.

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I was commanded to join Fluther by @le_inferno and @smack. Both of whom were refugees like me from a now-down site called AIROW [Am I Right or Wrong]. There are a few more AIROW users wandering around this site still.

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When my old Q&A site closed, one of my friends on there mentioned that he had found Fluther, and that it might be a worthy replacement. Unfortunately he didn’t stick around to use Fluther for himself (that I know of).

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I am an AB orphan and another AB’r pointed me here…

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the same happened to me, i can even remember what question was: I am getting married at the court house, what web sites have affordable wedding dresses… Or something like that, yeah, I haven’t got married, but I am still here!!! :)

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BTW, my question # 6 was : How did you end up here in fluther??? hahahahahah I can’t believe that it’s now me answering this question! :D

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@Ludy Haha! :) I can’t wait till I can answer someone asking the same question months from now! ^.- Aww, well did you at least find a nice dress?!

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no, but I did find great people LOL i decided that the dress was not as important as just getting married, that’s what i want, i don’t care if i wear jeans and flip flops

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I’m an AnswerAss refugee, like Jerv and Stranger.

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I was tidying up my garden one day. A bit of weeding, a bit of mowing etc., when, in an out of the way corner, I lifted up an old leaf off the ground, and there, nestled amongst some twigs and debris was a tiny, little thing. I gently picked it up, took it inside the house…...and the rest is on here.

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@Symbeline AnswerAss? Sounds good,maybe I should go there. A ha ha…

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Yahoo Answers wouldn’t let me post a link, so I Googled for other Q&A sites and this is what popped up.

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I was a part of a “mass migration” here, from another similar site, when that site folded/died.

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A little jellyfish fairy whispered in my ear in the middle of the night. I was really sad at the time, and it told me I would find good friends here.

I did

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@lillycoyote Which site was that?

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@papayalily a site called

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@lillycoyote Heh, that’s kinda cute.

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@papayalily Well… while I really do think Fluther and its members, for the most part, did their very best to be welcoming, I’m not sure if “cute” would be the word they would use to describe all the “little bundles of joy” that suddenly landed on their doorstep when our site shut down. :-) but it eventually sorted itself out and it’s all water under the bridge now

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@lillycoyote I actually just meant the pun the url had going there.

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@papayalily Yes, I actually knew that was what you meant and I apologize. There is a little devil in me that sometimes wants, for reasons I don’t understand, to pick at old wounds, no matter how minor and sometimes I either can’t or won’t control it.

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@lillycoyote Oh. Then pick away!

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@papayalily No, thanks though, the little devil has had his say. He and I are done. I’ve grounded him. Sent him to his room: no T.V., no internet and I’ve confiscated his iPod and forbidden him to buy any souls for a month. That usually works :-)

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@lillycoyote No, not the iPod!!!!

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@You think I’m being too harsh, don’t you? Just so you know, I was going to take his Wii and PSP too, but I decided not to be a complete hard ass; he’s not exactly suffering. You have no idea how much trouble that little devil inside gets me into sometimes. I don’t know what else to do.

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i was looking if london its sure to walk at night hah

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@Symbeline I like to think of it as GarbageBag now. ;^D

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I was on anoher site called and when they annunced that it was closing down some of the other members started talking about Fluther so I thought I’d come for a look around. That was a year and a half ago!

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I googled a question I had about financial aid and there was a link to here. I stayed because I was really impressed with how quickly I got my answers, the people, and the format. I was at Yahoo Answers, but it’d take about a week to get any responses. So, that didn’t last long.

Vortico's avatar had a Fluther’s icon in the dock and a linked label. :)

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I found Fluther when the site I was a member of ( announced they were closing. I remembered a video one of’s founders posted once, in this video finished second to a site called Fluther in the Q&A category. I checked Fluther out, liked it, and passed the word along.

‘Twas I who started the migration. Oops.

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There was a NYTimes article three years ago (almost three years to the day). It mentioned Fluther and I went looking. Funny thing, I had only been on the internet for about two weeks. I had been a Luddite. I consider myself lucky to have found this community.

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@Sarcasm baaabe<3

Yeah, I got word about it from ma AiROW peepz.

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Before May 9th 2010 I never heard of fluther. I never owned my own computer before (not because of money however). I just brought my pc a few months ago. I found this site by accident just randomly searching the web and looking up a topic and a question from this site came up. This is the only Q/A site I actually signed up for. I made posts as a guest on others.

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There is absolutley nothing compared with fluther, the format, the jelly theme , the users, it’s very cool, and being part of it makes me feel very fortunate :)

mattbrowne's avatar was closing down.

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