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How can I relieve a clogged nose?

Asked by truecomedian (3937points) July 31st, 2010

Help, can’t breathe through my nose.

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I hear neti pots are awesome for this. My grammy swears by it. I have yet to try one though.

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Saline rinse. Neti pots are ok, although awkward and you have to do it several times. Get the Sinus Rinse available at your local drug store.

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the easiest trick and cheap is just putting vaseline in your nose. It works wonders:)

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I am a huge fan of Neti Pots. However, if you are completely clogged you dont want to use a neti pot. I would get some afrin first, then use the neti pot.

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Neti pots can cause severe pain in the sinus area if you have small eustachian tubes. How do you know? Use the Neti pot and have severe head pain for several hours. How do I know this?

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Saline rinse and then give the Neti Pot a try. All the ladies at work were talking about how great it is and I was wierded out. Finally I tried it and I am now a believer.
I hope you feel better soon.

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Spicy things, cayenne pepper or wasabi, often work for me. When I’m feeling stuffed up I like to eat a sandwich with a couple cloves of raw garlic (in case I’m getting sick, garlic has a light antibiotic effect) with cayenne pepper sprinkled in. It’s a bit of a doozy to stomach but I almost always feel healthier after.

(If you do try this, try doing one clove at a time first though… some people’s stomachs are very sensitive.)

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Are you sick with a cold? Get some antihistemine/decongestant pills, somethng with both drugs and spray some Afrin. You’ll clear up in an hour.

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i just blow my nose as hard as possible, then it starts to bleed then it’s fine

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VaporRub. Hold it under the nose and it magically unplugs the nose.. At least it works for me and my family(:

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A decongestant like Sudafed will clear things out. You don’t want the stuff on the regular shelves as it’s much weaker and ineffective.

The Sudafed you want is the original formula which you need to ask the Pharmacist for.

It doesn’t require a prescription, but you do need to sign for it.

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A long, hot shower works wonders for me.

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Do know WHY your nose is stuffy? There are different solutions to different problems. Some common reasons are: Colds, allergies, chemical or physical irritation, and nasal polyps. I’ve actually had all of these at various times, and in the case of polyps, the only solution is surgery. If you’re in a dry dusty place that’s causing irritation, Neti pots/saline rinse is good. If you have a cold, temporary use of decongestants are best. For allergies, it’s best to get rid of the allergen if possible, by vacuuming with a HEPA filtering vacuum, giving away the cat, etc. Again saline rinse/Neti will give some relief, and antihistamines will usually help, though I don’t like the idea of taking a medicine long term if it can be avoided.

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Rub some Vick’s Vapor Rub under your nose, and some on your upper chest, Breathe deep. It works very well.

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“Giving away the cat” is so casually proposed all the time it amazes me.

This will only help if the person involved is IN FACT, ALLERGIC TO CATS.

That can only be determined definitively by specific allergy testing. To assume that someone’s allergy symptoms are caused by a cat is ridiculous.

I’ve had tons of problems with my nose, ears and sinuses all of my life. And no small wonder. Allergy testing pointed to molds, dust, and dust mites. All of which are a lot more inescapable than cats. I came up totally negative for cats.

Obviously this person is unlikely to have been properly tested by an Allergist because that Dr. would have certainly given him some remedies for congestion, prescription or otherwise. There is no way to know that getting rid of a cat would do anything of benefit at all and it most certainly not benefit the cat at all.

And it’s for damn sure that if an adult cat ends up being consigned to a shelter, his chances of living are in the range of slim to none.

Even if someone does test allergic to cats, there are NUMEROUS things that can be done to mitigate it the effect.

Not allowing the cat in the bedroom is a start. And taking a damp washcloth all over it’s fur on a weekly or even daily basis can eliminate most of the problem for some people.

Killing the cat (without even allergy testing) is NOT the first resort remedy for allergy treatment.

The quaint myth that Fluffy will find a home with a lovely family just eagerly waiting for her is precisely that.


Chances are in the high ninety percent that family is looking for a kitten.

So at least be intellectually honest enough to acknowledge
that getting rid of the cat to a shelter is most likely signing its death warrant.

Perhaps that will prompt a more creative solution to sinus congestion than the knee-jerk response to get rid of the cat as the all purpose solution to a multi-faceted problem.

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i use a pseudoephedrine and ibuprofen combination

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Afrin Nasal Spray. It’s a little uncomfortable at first, but it really gets the job done.

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I know how insane it is to have a clogged stuffy nose, and the only way out is afrin etc.
I’ve tried something and it works for me, so I thought I would share it with you guys.
It is a twofold process, 1 teaspoon of apple cider vineger diluted 3 times with water, drink it,this will loosen up mucus over a day or two. Now the crazy part, wet your finger lightly with extra virgin olive oil stick your finger up your nose and moisten your nasal passage, your nose will be clear in a few seconds,I don’t know why but it works for me, should last a couple of hours. Throw away the afrin and replace it with extra virgin olive oil, and use that as a spray, it will sting slightly like pepper but it works. good luck

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