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How do you fist pump?

Asked by tablack01 (313points) August 1st, 2010

I have been watching a repeat of the newest episode of the Jersey Shore but I cannot understand how to translate the “fist pump” into an action I can complete. Does anyone have any suggestions for improving my fist pumping?

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Please, please, please don’t imitate those mental midgets.

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Dude! There is a situation taking over the country! Get on board.

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@tablack01 – You enjoy what ever you like to.

But, it is shows like that, making me wish for Heaven’s Gate and Halley’s Comet to return.

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@ChazMaz Some combination of the second amendment and some careful planning to make it look like an accident could solve the situation… and the rest of the cast.

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Howie mandel knows how to fist pump.

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@jazmina88 I thought Howie was into the Fist Bump; B, not P. Many of the people where I work are fist-bumpers as well, especially the Mexicans.

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