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What does a blood-red moon look like?

Asked by HoneyBee (347points) August 1st, 2010

I’ve read about this in books before but have never seen one. Is this a metaphor or something or is there a time of the year when the moon actually looks blood-red. If so, does anyone know when, because I’d like to witness it if it is real.

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It’s more of an orange-brown-red tint, but that’s probably just my eyes. It has that tint for the same reason we have red sunsets. That light from the sun is just being projected on to the moon. You’re seeing the moon through light polluted with particulates in the air.

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The moon gets that rusty, bloodish tint during a total eclipse. The color is caused by the sunlight bouncing off the earth and back to the eclipsed moon.

The nice image ^^ that @SeventhSense is linking you to is of a total lunar eclipse. An orangey harvest moon is a different hue and is due, as @Blackberry explained, to the earth’s atmosphere.

Here’s the Bing clip of the moon going into and coming out of total eclipse.

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Look if you want to split hairs you go right ahead you nitpicker. But that is a blood red moon cat lady. Are you cute? I mean if we’re going to have this tension at least give me a visual…

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FWIW…I searched blood red moon and came up with the identical image that @SeventhSense had and looks exactly like the one I saw a few years back. Washed with blood is exactly what the BRM looked like to me! Pretty cool it was!

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@SeventhSense – Thanks for the link!
I guess it is real and not some writer’s imagination.

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The image linked by @SeventhSense is labeled “lunar eclipse.”

Photographs of both the moon in total eclipse and a orange-red full moon are distorted by the camera, the filter, and air pollution.

I am an eclipse chaser; the moon in full eclipse is a slightly different color to the human eye, or at least mine, than a harvest moon. Both are beautiful, however.

Look up as much as you can. The Perseus meteor shower will be here…at peak on Aug. 12–13th.

Read all about it

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@gailcalled – Thanks for the link. Might try and catch that one.

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@SeventhSense – That’s censorship for ya. Something we involuntarily condone and give up a right to privacy on the internet. It’s unheard of in the world of the web to actually have freedom of speech. What a concept!

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They’re just getting stupid.

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@SeventhSense I agree, this site’s moderation has really changed from the early days. The question was answered, right away, I don’t see the harm in the content that was moderated. The question I asked was related to a followup statement by the OP.

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