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Just found chunks of plastic in my ice cream, what should I do?

Asked by jm5225 (253points) August 2nd, 2010

I was eating some chocolate chip ice cream out of the carton and I bit into what I thought were chocolate chunks but they wouldn’t break apart. At first I thought they were broken so I tried to melt it in my mouth but then realize it wasnt melting so I spit it out in a napkin and realized they are chunks of plastic with jagged edges. To make matters worse I have this weird chemically taste in my mouth. Should I do something about this? Write the company? Sue? Would anyone even believe me? I’m kinda grossed out right now and almost feel it was intentional by some pissed off employee because they were the same size as the chocolate chunks. It really grossed me out.

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Photograph the plastic sitting on the ice cream in the container and photograph it separately and photo anything that looks like a date or place that lot of that brand was made. Don’t get into a miserable frivolous lawsuit but send the information to the company and they will probably give you tons of free ice cream.

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Obviously I won’t eat them, I spit them out but my tooth my kinda hurts from biting on it so hard.

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You might want to write the company and let them know that something was wrong with their product, you might be rewarded with discounts or coupons for their product. You also can return it to the store for a refund But sue? Did you really suffer any horrible consequence from this incident?

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You won’t win a suit, and it would be a horrible waste of time and money. But do take it back to the store.

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I wouldn’t sue lol I just didnt no what someone should do in that situation lol i’ll probably do nothing!

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It happens, manufacturing processes are not fool proof.

I have found a pill bug in Campbells Bean with bacon soup, looked like a black bean with legs. lol

I have also, ( years ago both ) found meal worms in a box of cornbread mix and in sugar ice cream cones. I just don’t eat Campbells soups, Jiffy mix, or sugar cones anymore.

Alert the company but otherwise, just let it go.

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Plastic in particular isn’t terribly surprising: lots of machines these days use it, and everything wears out eventually. My guess is that your box was under the spout just as the machine’s warranty was due to expire.
Most people, when faced with bad product, will return it to the store, with an explanation like, “Hey, I found hunks of plastic in my ice cream.”

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Call the customer satisfaction number on the carton or their website, write them a letter, document everything, and let the store where you bought it know.

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@lillycoyote Thank you, thank you, I’m here all week. :D

And since this is General…
Depending on the quality of customer service at your store, they might offer to replace the ice cream right then and there, without any further elaboration on your purpose.
Make sure that you bring the receipt.

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Food manufacturing is generally a state of the art process involving mostly automated processes and my guess is you have a piece of the mixing blade from the huge vat mixers used to blend the ice cream. The manufacturer also will value greatly your feedback if you write to tell them what you found. I would also send the piece of plastic along with batch numbers you can find on the carton. You really will be doing all of us a small favor by alerting the manufacturer to this mishap so they have all the info they need to have the best quality control procedures possible and I bet you get some nice coupons for free ice cream for your efforts.

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Seriously, look up a customer service number for the brand, and contact them. Every time I have done this with a contaminated or mismade product (had frito corn chips once, no salt), I get coupons for free stuff.

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Just call the company and customer service wil ask you where you bought it and the UPC number to ascertain where it was manufactured. They will most likely send you one or two coupons to get another one or two cartons of free ice cream. They will be glad you called. They most likely have more than one plant around teh country and many distribution lines. Customers reporting problems is one way they can keep an eye on quality control.

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Well I will call and alert them of this but I am not interested in returning the ice cream or even getting Free ice cream ha It was only like $3 and I’m not that concerned. I more so wanted to know how others react to such situations. Had it been something like chocolate chip ice cream with no chocolate chips id have been like whatever but since it was plastic and particularly got the gross out feeling when i bit into it I freaked a bit lol..I’m under control now and my ice cream eating days have only begun lol Thanks for all the great feedback though.

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I always call. About a month ago I called about a 6 pack of coke I bought, and most of them were flat, and one of them I could not open. Literally the top was impossible to screw off. Probably was overexposed to heat or something?

One time they changed the flavor of my margarine, and when I called the customer service person said they had already received a tremendous amount of calls over the last few months (I probably only buy margarine once every three months, so I guess the new flavor had been out for a while) and they were already going back to the original flavor and it should be hitting the shelves within a couple of weeks.

If you don’t mind taking the time, it is always good to report feedback good and bad. They take comments seriously usually.

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write a letter to company tell them your situation. Say you are going to sue them but dont. also lastly get coupons from them and a different tipe of ice cream.

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