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How long does a 5th metacarpal fracture take to fully heal?

Asked by varey14 (57points) August 6th, 2010

Hello, Yesterday I badly fractured my 5th metacarpal and went to hospital. I did this by mis-hitting a heavy bag without hand wraps or protection. At the hospital they manipulated the bone back into position and put my hand in a cast. I was just wondering if anyone knows roughly how long it will take to fully heal, whether it will affect my striking in boxing and if anyone has any tips of how to help it heal quicker or how to build my hand strength back up after the cast is off, which is in 6 weeks. I was hoping for anyone who has ever had this injury to tell me about the after effect on the hand after the injury is healed, but any answers are appriciated. thanks.

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It could take a few months, and it totally depends on how angulated it is and whether or not you’ll need pinning.

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It really depends if you follow the docs advice or not. For best results, follow up with the orthopedist and DO your physical therapy exactly as they say when the time comes.

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Well I did it in 11th grade on some guys face and I am 43. It never healed completely.

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I did that in 2013 October, it is January 2014 and it is almost healed. A bone in my wrist.

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