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When in search for a job?

Asked by Welcome24 (16points) August 7th, 2010 from iPhone

when I make the call to find out if a certain place is hiring, should I always give my name and do I always have to ask for the manager or do all the employees know the answer?

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Most large companies use online applications. Calls are a waste of time. Small companies do not have enough staff to take care of the business, much less field phone calls from prospective employees. For a small company, I would go in person, and introduce myself, making sure that you are not disrupting the business.

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but if I were to make the call should I do what I was asking above?

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@gemmasgma is correct. Few receptionists at companies of any size these days will put you through to a manager or anyone other than the HR department, and even not often that. They’ll ask you to come in and leave a resume. That’s just the way it works and it’s S.O.P. at my company. I’ve actually heard our receptionist have to argue with a caller about that (not a great way for a job seeker to make a good impression), and believe me, she always wins.

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You should look on the Web for job postings. Almost all companies list available openings in a section of their Web sites.

Should you be calling, yes always ask for the manager and always introduce yourself.

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