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How do you manage expectations to sustain relationships

Asked by akshyapatra (1points) March 22nd, 2008


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Don’t have very high ones.

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Expect nothing and you will never be disappointed. Everything you get is “laganappe” – something extra for free.

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Be upfront about what your are expecting but also don’t be so steadfast and stubborn about things that you can’t compromise on anything.

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I don’t really understand this question.

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nothing is perfect in a relationship but open communication and compromising is what is needed to keep a relationship from going under

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Make sure your expectations are realistic. For example:

Expecting that your boyfriend/husband will never cheat on you—realistic.

Expecting that your boyfriend/husband will never notice when there’s an attractive woman in the vicinity—unrealistic.

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Work on the expectations you have for yourself, and let your partner off the hook.

Knowing the kind of person you are with in the beginning of the relationship helps a lot with unrealistic expectations. Unless there is a massive change in personality, you should pretty much get what you thought you were getting in the beginning.

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