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What is the best investment available today?

Asked by webbers10 (7points) August 7th, 2010

I want to get rich

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These are troubled times and none of the so called financial experts (I’m not one of them) know what will happen in the future although they may say that they do.

If you are young, I suggest that you participate in the following:
Roth IRA, your company’s 403b or 401k, also invest in individual stocks and mutual funds (Read “How to Make Money in Stocks” by William J, O’Neil). Save as much as you can and live frugally and you will reach 65 with a big pile of money.

But far more important than money is investing in your health, Eat right and exercise EVERY day an hour or more and lay off the tobacco, alcohol and other recreational drugs. You may not live longer but you will live stronger and happier. Also you will reach old age with a fitter body so you will enjoy a more active old age. (Read “Ageless Body, Timeless Mind” by Deepak Chopra, M.D.).

The best of good buys and good health!

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Stocks in places like India or Vietnam are probably a good bet.

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I suggest short term CD’s (certificate of deposit) that can be switched to higher interest when the interest goes up.

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Commodities are looking pretty good right now. For instance, following an announcement that Russia won’t be exporting any more grain this year, grain prices went through the roof.

My advice is to invest a little in a lot of things. I don’t recall what that’s called.

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Real estate, gold, and derivatives.

Just making the point that asking for serious investment advice on a place like Fluther is silly. This is a social networking site. A much better question would be, “How and where might I learn more about personal finance and investing?” You’ll get a much better and well informed response with a question like that.

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No investment. Hold on to your cash.

But, probably the best investment. Pay off your debts.

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China’s stocks would be a good bet. Their economy is strong. Actually, believe or not, they have a storage of workers.

Also, might a good idea to learn to speak Chinese, they may own us someday.

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The term for which you’re looking is “diversifying your assets”.

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@Buttonstc That’s it, thanks.

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De nada :)

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A good education and lifelong learning.

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Good oral hygiene.

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The person or institution giving you advice is supposed to be licensed in the USA

and in the state where you reside. They will need to know your circumstances, education
assets, experience and risk profile before suggesting anything at all.

Your age and marital status will also influence the advice you are given. Random opinions of other investors

will vary all over the lot..

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