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What things are best bought at this time of year?

Asked by GeorgeGee (4925points) August 8th, 2010

I know that backpacks are at their lowest price during back-to-school sales, but what else?

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In general, you get better bargains for off-season items. Bathing suits, shorts, summer sandals now; down, fleece, heavy boots in early spring, etc.

Most stores have sale items listed all the time on their web sites.

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I’m going with food items and say homegrown tomatoes. As far as other things, back to school clothing especially if you live in a state where they observe a tax free holiday on such items.

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Computers and clothes – everyone has a back-to-school sale right now so that you can stock up on t-shirts and underwear.

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Corn on the cob. Just because it’s fresh, not because it’s cheap. :)

Bathing suits and sandals.

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I bought an IPad yesterday because it is tax free weekend for back to school in my city.

Last shot at summer veggies and fruits. Tomatoes, Nectarines, Peaches, Zuchini, Vidalia onions, cherries,Corn and watermellon. That is assuming you live in the norther hemisphere.

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Freshly roasted chili peppers. And the wonderful scent of them in the roaster is free.

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Peaches and watermellons!

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Houses are a pretty good value right now in fact thievery is more like it.

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Other melons as well (Honeydew, casaba, cantaloupe), local blueberries, strawberries and raspberries, fresh dill, basil, mint, parsley, peas, sugar snap peas…I have my first large tomato ready to pick and I have been eating my own cherry tomatoes like popcorn, off the vine in a pot on porch.

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Snow sleds. were half price at Loews.

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@john65pennington: Right. And all the other bad weather paraphernalia; snow shovels, rock salt, sand, snow blowers, gloves, wool hats, parkas, skis and poles, shoe shoes, yaktrax, ear muffs, etc.

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@gailcalled What is a yaktrax?

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75% off clothing sales. Blueberries, Vadalia onions, cantaloupe, peaches.

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@chyna: Chains for sneakers for winter walking, especially on ice. They are very fashionable around here. Winter in the NE is not for sissies. MIlo has his custom-made.

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@gailcalled That blows my mind. Never seen or heard of such. Makes sense though.

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@pearls: Obviously you don’t get six or more feet of snow and the sheet ice that usually accompanies it. Are you lying around a swimming pool in February?

They add a certain panache to our winter outfits.

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@gailcalled No swimming pool in February for me. Live in a desert area so we don’t see much know here.

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@pearls: I snow what you mean.

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Camping gear is always on sale at the end of the summer, and a lot of other outdoors items will be too. And there are some deals to be had on computers as people buy new systems for college.

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@gailcalled Those are so cool. I bet Milo’s are really cute and tiny. :-)

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Crayons! They are like 25 cents a pack. markers pencils, pens, paper, notebooks. Staplers, Even a computer,

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I’m in South Africa, and winter time avocados are a lot cheaper this time of year, so it’s a good time to buy them now! :)

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@mollypop51797 Apples? Where are you?

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Yard Sales have alot of variety and most times there are items that you have been looking for, but could not afford otherwise. Like I found a huge bag with roll wheels for only three dollars and at the sports store it is priced at over ~150.00 dollars. Just look around and you will be surprised the deals that you find.

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School supplies
camping gear

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