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When can I start removing peppers from my pepper plant?

Asked by nellybar (659points) August 8th, 2010

I have one medium-sized pepper on my plant, but it isn’t producing many more fruit. Is it better to leave it on to grow larger, or should I remove it to allow more fruit production?

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It should let you know by having the stem let go easily, as the tomatoes do.

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Look up your type of pepper to see what fruits look like at maturity. You can increase yield by picking the fruit as soon as it does reach maturity. Pick too early, though, and it won’t ripen well or acquire full taste. If it doesn’t yield any better than it has so far, I wouldn’t save the seeds. Best start from scratch and see to proper watering and good, rich potting soil on the next try.

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All your answers are great above, I myself pick the peppers just when I see them change color if I want it to be extra hot, but I know that the more tender the peppers are less intense or even sweet. So for me it depends on what I want to eat.

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Thank you for your answers above, they’ve been very helpful – especially since we’re growing both chilli peppers and sweet peppers!
I don’t know about the sweet pepper variety we have as someone from work gave me the plants (and she couldn’t remember what she’d planted!), but your advice will help me to know when to pick them.

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