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What's the best way to use Fluther?

Asked by Shengjia (22points) August 8th, 2010 from iPhone

What’s different than regular q&a

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It’s a fair question, and not to be flip or condescending, if you have to ask, you haven’t been with us long enough. It’s a unique community, I’ve learned, with people of all ages answering questions not only based on facts, but on experience and a genuine desire to share both. Welcome… and stick around to find out.

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Answer questions that interest, make comments on other peoples answers and read all the comments (called quips) on the questions that interest you.

The more subjects you put in your profile, the more questions will show up in “Questions for You” which provides an excellent filter for your interests.

Browse the links at the bottom of the page for tips and ideas.

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As much as possible!

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Welcome to Fluther!

The main things that make Fluther different than other Q & A sites are these:

The question matching algorithm, which “learns” more about you the longer you use the site.
The community is fantastic.
We have moderators that keep out spam, trolls, and personal attacks.
We have Writing Standards. No txtspk!

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I like my Fluther on a cracker.

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Be careful and complete in your answers. Do some research and provide links to any sources used in your answers. Try to figure out the question underneath the question and answer that question, too. Use personal experience to demonstrate your understanding of the question and to flesh out your answer. Do this as much as possible. The more personal the answer, the easier it is to see where you’re coming from.

Be respectful of others always. Sometimes, this will be impossible. Be funny at such times.

Be honest and revealing of yourself. Be fearless about what you reveal. People respect that a lot. In that vein, make sure you remain anonymous.

Finally, don’t do it unless you’re having a good time.

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