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How funny is Louis C.K. compared to other stand up comics?

Asked by truecomedian (3937points) August 9th, 2010

To comics such as: Dave Chappelle, Eddie Murphy, and Chris Rock. Is he really that funny, chances are he is due to his career longevity, but I was wondering what Fluther thought.

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The examples you’ve given are a seriously far cry from the style of Louis CK. You’re listing only black comics whose material draws heavily from racial issues and pop culture. Louis CK doesn’t focus as much on that other than he’s an aging white man with a kid. So, that’s racial. I guess? It’s apples and oranges in terms of topics and style.

Humor is subjective, instead of asking us why not go to Hulu and watch his new show Louie for yourself and form your own opinion?

I think he’s hilarious, and has in the past had some of his funnier stuff ripped off by other comics. For example, Dane Cook ripped off a bit of his from years ago almost word for word – you can find proof enough online with some googling of their names. :P

Go check him out, he’s fairly popular. And like I said, he’s hilarious to me – but none of the comics you listed entertain me for more than a minute or so before I’m begging for someone to change the channel or kill me.

Louis CK, Mitch Hedburg FTW.

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I think Louis CK has got staying power and his humor is topical. He’s certainly funnier than the three you mentioned. Of course, Dave Chappelle has all but dropped off the map and Eddie Murphy hasn’t done a stand-up routine in more than a decade, nor has he had a funny movie since The Nutty Professor. Chris Rock WOULD be funny, if he ever got rid of most of his racially-charged white people jokes.

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I think Louis CK is hilarious. Not as funny as Dave Chappelle, not as funny as George Carlin, but very funny.

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I absolutely LOVE Louie’s comedy! He talks about “real life” stuff and all his stories you can actually see happening. There are very few comics that can make me laugh out loud, especially when I’m watching them alone but Louis C.K. is near the top of that list. He is just so damn funny.

@asmonet When I saw this question, the first thing I thought to do was add a link to his show. Good work! It’s like watching his standup with actual visuals. It’s great. Besides It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Louie is my favorite show.

Like everyone has mentioned, the styles are so different so it’s hard to compare the comics you mentioned. I do like Louis C.K. better than those you mentioned personally though. Chappelle is good. I like him. Eddie Murphy can be funny but usually he’s being too ridiculous and over the top. Plus, anytime he talks now he uses his “Donkey” voice. It’s almost as if that is his talent now… Sounding like Donkey. Chris Rock in my opinion just isn’t funny. He’s racist. His whole routine is him whining about how much more successful he’d be if he were white. It’s ridiculous.

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@Randy Can we make sweet, sweet love now please?

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@asmonet Hahaha! Only if Louis C.K. can narrate the whole thing.

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He’s very honest. Major props for that, and yet he’s lighter in tone than Bill Hicks was. Bill was so flabbergasted and angry at stupidity that that would sometimes overtake the funny. Sometimes, especially during his “Raw” period, Eddie Murphy was also just a bit too angry to be really funny to me.

I’d put Louis C.K. on par with Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle.

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Richard Pryor was really funny too. I didn’t realize I compared him only to black comedians, odd. I guess I like black comedians. I think what’s best about Louis C.K. is his delivery, he’s been doing standup for a long time, and the way he says things is brilliant. His timing and expression.

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