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What is your most recent overindulgence?

Asked by chocolatechip (3004points) August 9th, 2010

I’m on my 3rd (and last!) box of chocolate chip cookies in 6 days.

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I narfed a whole Charleston Chew last night…a frozen one too! Yum!!

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I bought whoopie pies at Trader Joe’s on Saturday.

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I ate a whole quarter of a huge chocolate gateau…. oh and I had some strawberries with it. Yummy!

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I made breakfast for dinner last night. Pancakes with a homemade strawberry topping for me and two of our children, burritos with eggs over easy for my husband and oldest son. Oh, I can’t forget the bacon!

I also had two eggs over easy on top of one of my pancakes. I had never tried that before, and it was amazing!

we will be having salads this week for dinner, so we thought we would have a pig out Sunday ;)

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does it have to be food? I’m always overindulging in Lush, ahhhh. I can chomp down cookies and biscuits pretty well though.

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I bought a new couch/sofa. After almost ten years, it was finally time to retire the ugly hide-a-bed beast.

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I was at the mall on Saturday and passed a Godiva counter. After three weeks of dieting and no sweets, I couldn’t resist buying and devouring a white chocolate-covered macaroon. At $3.50+tax for one, that’s not only a caloric indulgence; it’s a financial one. ;-)

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It would have to be for cheese puffs… So good.

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A piece of chocolate cake at a graduation party :)yum

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Food – I’m a diabetic and I really need to work on my portion sizes and will power. =(

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Last night I stayed up way later than I should have because I really wanted to watch “The Departed” again. Does that count?

Also, over the past few weeks I’ve eaten some ridiculous amount of beef jerky. I just can’t seem to stop myself once I eat a piece…

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I was honestly expecting more from everybody, but now I just feel like a fatass.

I’m going to run a marathon tomorrow to make me feel better.

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Instead of dinner last night, four ears of freshly-picked corn. I just had the other two for breakfast, followed by 12 cherry tomatoes from my plant.

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Goddammit, you called that an indulgence?

Why don’t we just change my screen name to Hedonism-bot?

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@chocolatechip: And you’re telling me that your cookies aren’t even home-made? Why bother? At least, get a bag of quality chocolate chips for some serious noshing.

(I eat the cooked corn with no butter or salt, but I won’t mention that.)

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I ate half a bag of Tostitos with the most Heavenly guacamole that they make at the Mexican store. God, it’s the best. in front of the tv

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I had an entire pint of Butter Pecan ice cream recently. In one sitting. Oof!

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Just to make you feel better…

I make this taco dip. It’s a big hit at parties, and is easy as hell to make. It’s one package of Philly cream cheese, half a jar of hot salsa, one can of black beans (drained), and a can of corn (drained). Cook it all together, than top with shredded cheese and throw it under the broiler until it bubbles.

I made it the other night, when my hubby was out with his friends. I plopped my lazy self on the couch and started noshing. About halfway through the movie, I hit the bottom of the bowl. Oops. ^_^ I ate the whole damned thing.

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I’ve been living on gatorade and doritos for like a week now. I ate a whole bag of doritos by myself this week, and I can’t even count how many bottles of gatorade I’ve had. Enough to keep me full enough to live on doritos, I guess.

Anyhow, very unlike me to eat such a wretched diet. I think it might be stress… either way, I need to snap out of it. haha.

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I made a bunch of pretty cupcakes from scratch a week ago. Oh my gosh, they were so good and I ate way too many.

But aside from food I’d have to say my wedding ring. Everything about the wedding has been frugal except for the ring. I figure if I’m going to be wearing it the rest of my life it better be pretty good.

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Ice cream.

Maple nut with extra chopped walnuts…oh my!

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I forgot how much I like cheese puffs..but, with a twist.

They are best STALE!

Leave the bag open overnight for maximum chewy staleness. lol

Same procedure for Peeps at Easter…some things are just better stale. haha

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Now I want ice cream.

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I have been buying a lot of monster energy juice drinks….I haven’t drank those in a while, but he sad thing is I am trying to go back to my raw food diet, and this is just soooooo not raw. And it is expensive!!

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My whole life is just a series of me over indulging in things.

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Well..I admit my over indulgence was trifled with due to the semi-annual herbal indulgence that assisted in me being a one woman white tornado and breaking out the Baskin-Robbins. lololol

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@uberbatman Thats because your always high =p

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guacamole… so much guac, so much.

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I drank three glasses of wine last night, during and after a big BBQ rib dinner at my house with my son and his family. I cleaned up today after I got up.

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@Coloma I have never had a stale cheeto .. I must try it. Hmmm.

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Today. At a particular Mexican cafe then I always order a cheese enchilada, beef taco with rice and beans on the plate. I eat the taco so it doesn’t go soggy and then take the enchilada home for another meal. Today I was so hungry, nervous and frustrated that I ate the entire plate of food along with some chips and salsa. I don’t regret it though, it was delicious!

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Buying air tickets to Phoenix, AZ.

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