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Does anyone's lifestyle here resemble Al Bundy's in any way?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (20770points) August 10th, 2010


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“The home shopping network! There’s a good idea for women! It was a little too hard driving to the mall with a couch strapped to their ass!!! Let’s rock!!” Err maybe I dunno. I knew his brother Ted…..strange man, teeny weeny bit kinky.

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Hand down the front of my pants? At times.

I kid

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I used to hand down my pants…very comfy. I think better.
Now I dont wear pants.

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I often (inexplicably) wake up with my hand down my pants. not sure why

Other than that, not really.

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When I was a teenager we had – I kid you not – the exact same couch as the Bundy family. The couch was identical down to the dust cloud that rose when one slapped the arm.

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@SuperMouse, you should have kept that couch!

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@ZEPHYRA we pretended it was the actual set piece and sold it to the Smithsonian. They are too embarrassed to put it on display, but we’re still living off the proceeds. I kid. That couch went to the landfill years ago.

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Thank goodness, no! If I had to name my least favorite TV shows and characters of all time, Married With Children and Al Bundy—all those character, actually—would be very high on my list.
I’m serious. I thought that show was a travesty. Likewise, Hogan’s Heroes. Comedy in a German P.O.W. camp! Awful! Still, they were both incredibly popular prime-time shows. Shows you what I know.

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@Austinlad good call about Hogan’s Heroes, talk about a face palm, WTF idea for a show!

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