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Can anyone suggest a Ben Harper Album?

Asked by cfrydj (919points) August 10th, 2010

I saw Ben Harper this past weekend at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival, and now I want to buy one of his albums. His discography, however, is quite extensive. Can anyone give me a good recommendation for where I should start?

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All of his stuff sounds the same….kind of like Jack Johnson.

If you simply Google “Ben Harper”, the first thing that comes up is a list of his songs that you can listen to samples of. Or you can just go here. You can listen to the samples and make a decision from there. I like “Burn One Down” and “Walk Away”, and I’m guessing pretty much everyone does because I think those are his more popular songs.

I haven’t bought a full album since 199….6? You can buy the songs direct off that website, iTunes, and a million other places. This site also tells you what album the track is from so if you like a lot from the same track I guess you could go hunt down the album.

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I like one song of his: “Burn To Shine”. That’s probably his most pop-oriented number.

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THe Burn to Shine album was the first I bought of his and loved it. I also like his Live from Mars double disc set where he is with The Innocent Criminals (band). His remake of “Sexual Healing” is amazing on the Mars album. love it!

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