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What is the origin's of man's greed?

Asked by steven_howard_ray (21points) August 11th, 2010

Man is greedy and inherently evil. He is obssessed with power (via money), influence, sex, and control over others. What is the origin of these human attrubutes?

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Who knows?

What is the origin of man’s innate goodness and impulses toward empathy and doing good for others?

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You would always want more food if you’re hungry right?
Instincts have side effects i guess…

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Man’s greed? Is that mean that woman is not greedy at all?
Well,I think greediness is the nature of some human that have been taught the way of greediness,possibly the product of bad environment/depression.

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Probably a prehistoric man wanting his cave-mate’s rock.

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Best first question I’ve seen in ages. Welcome to fluther @steven_howard_ray – you’ll be a good jelly.

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The ego’s belief that ‘I’ is more important than ‘all of us’.

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It all boils down to fear and love and in the case of fear about forgetting what you are, an expression of a universal consciousness.

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Eve had the apple and Adam wanted it. he received much, much more.

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A hungry belly and a memory.
The ones who figured out how to save a little extra for a rainy day survived.

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Modern America

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“Man is greedy and inherently evil. He is obsessed with power (via money), influence, sex, and control over others.”


A bunch of bitter words to describe nothing more then survival.

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Assuming God exists and truthfulness of the Bible, the Bible indicates that man cannot serve two masters, he’ll either love one and hate the other or worship one and despise the other. ” Man cannot serve both God and money.” If this is true, what ever happened to the idea of Satan being the “other” master of influence?

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I’d say survival, no matter the level of superficiality it may take.

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@Symbeline – You got that right!

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self preservation

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Starvation in times when grocery stores didn’t exist.

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