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What is an appropriate response when someone tells you to "take it easy"?

Asked by Frankie (4032points) August 11th, 2010

When someone says “Take it easy!” as a form of goodbye, what is the correct response to that? It seems lately, for some reason, a lot of people around me have been using this phrase instead of saying “bye” or “see you later,” etc., and I never know how to respond…Thanks? Okay? You too? Or should I just say “goodbye” as if they had said goodbye?

Furthermore, why can’t they just say “goodbye” like a normal person, thereby eliminating my confusion?...arg!

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I just say “see ya!” :)

No big deal.

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Just answer: “Go well”.

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I say… Later.

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“Um, my name isn’t Easy”

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Id say “Ok, Behave.“Confuse them right back

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“Take care.”

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Who me? But i’m easy like Sunday morning ;¬}

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I usually just say “you too”

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What does normal mean @Frankie

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I ask them if I look like Don Henley. Or, Joe Walsh. If they say yes to Joe Walsh, I panic.

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I say, “U2”.

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From now on, I am going to say “Led Zeppelin”.

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I would say “You too” too, but I would spell it out.

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I would scream ”Don’t you tell me to calm down! Huh? Oh, you mean bye? Oh, ok. Yeah, bye.’

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My response is “always.”

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You do the same.

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