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How do roaches get into house?

Asked by NormanL (481points) August 12th, 2010

I spray at least monthly inside and out with Ortho Home Defense Max. I spray around windows, doors, vents, pipes both inside & out. I spray along baseboard, under sinks, in closets, behind furniture, in cabinets, behind refrigerator and stove. But I still find dead roaches. Where are they coming from?

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They run in the door when you’re not looking. No, I’m serious. Roaches can live through a nuclear holocaust. You can’t possibly expect to keep them from entering a home with endless openings.

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Roaches can squeeze through cracks so small you can’t even see it. They come in the house when it is very hot and when you have lots of rain. No much you can do. I have a recipe that will keep them away very well. Send me a PM and when I get home tomorrow I will email it to you. You have to cook this in the oven but it works great. If you want.

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Well of course you’re finding dead roaches… that’s what the Ortho Max is for.

But it’s not some kind of force field. As a home ages, cracks in walls, baseboards, around door frames and the foundation all conspire to allow roaches and any other kind of small vermin in to your home.

Finding and sealing all of those holes and cracks wouldn’t just help keep out the bugs, but would also would likely reduce your utility bill as well, since you’d be losing less heat/cold to the outside. But it can be very expensive.

Stop gap measures like filling any cracks you find with something like silicone or spackle can help… assuming you can find the most traveled routes.

If you really want a “force field”, then try also applying the Ortho Max outside around the perimeter of your home, per the instructions on the label. Maybe then you’ll kill the bugs before they get a chance to step inside.

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The same way air gets in your house.

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About all you can do is make sure there is nothing for them to eat inside. Everything sealed airtight, not the slightest crumb lying about. One simply can’t seal a house tight enough to keep them out, all you can do is make the place inhospitable for them.

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What else do you think is staying in a Roach Motel when you buy it at the store?

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They crawl? Just a thought.

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Sometimes they infest the area inside your walls, especially where you have cabinets installed, and there is no way a regular spraying will get rid of them. Sometimes even when the house is tented they will still come back.

I lived in a house that had them living in the bottoms of the furniture, and no amount of spraying would get rid of them.

They can come in on your shoes, and in boxes, such as dog food containers.

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