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Most annoying phrase right now?

Asked by Valhalla30 (317points) March 23rd, 2008

I am SO sick of hearing “It is what it is” (duh!) and “At the end of the day…”. What phrases currently annoy you?

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its all good I’m sick of hearing that

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Do people still say that?!

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I hate when somone says somthing is “ill” or any other thing that they just picked up from

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@val we were on the same page with questions

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thats so funny- hate that one too. Its such a cop-out. I’m not too fond of ‘at the end of the day…’

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I’m tired of hearing about girl’s with “apple bottoms”.

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or when someone refers to a female as a ‘diva’ for whatever reason

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“Craptacular” and “steaming dump” which seem to be ubiquitous on tech blogs.

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“At this point in time:”

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ya when a guy calls his bride his old lady I hate that

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“Be that as it may” is annoying too!! “The powers that be…” UGH!

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OMG I also hate “My BAD” Ohhh gosh that is terrible nonsense!

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Talking “offline” about something. Irritating.

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When people feel the need to say the word “period” or “comma” “quote / end quote” while trying to express emphasis. Such as, “Fluther is the best website, period”. Arrrrgggghhhhh!

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off topic did you ask this to vent

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I get physically ill at the sight of “LOL.”

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Oneye1, no I just keep thinking of them and the floodgates have opened! :)

I also dislike “same difference”.

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I was playing anyway I hate early bird gets the worm

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when someone proclaims themself as a ‘foodie’

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Ewww I hate when people say “irregardless” instead of simply saying “regardless” and “conversate” instead of “converse”. “Orientate” rather than “orient”.

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Peedub, seriously?! That’s annoying!!

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I hate “my bad”. It is so stupid.

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how about when poeple do the joey “how you douing” getting a bit old don’t you think

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‘thats how I roll’ got on my nerves pretty fast

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@Valhalla; I think, altho not being a Brit. myself, that “orientate” is used in the UK as we use “orient.” I learned this while listening to books-on-tape written and read by Brits.

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I agree that calling things “ill” or “sick” makes me cringe.

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yeah or if someone refers to one as ‘illin’ on someone

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Oneye, how about doing the “whooooaaaaa” from Joey on Blossom? See, I still do that….. >:) Gailcalled, Oh noooooooooooo! hehehe

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I never watched blossom I was talking about from friends

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I think pop culture references from the 80s are ‘nooooooo problem’

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Thats a lame alf reference

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I know which Joey you meant and yeah “how you doin’” is used up, but I think classic Joey Lawrence is acceptable. :D

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inappropriately refering to a hobby as ‘a way of life’

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I don’t know if ya’ll have heard this, but I hate it when people say “Real Talk” before they say something.

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Teejay, I have not heard that! That sounds silly!

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I HATE hearing people say ”[yo] where you at?” It drives me absolutely insane, especially since my TEACHERS have started saying it recently.

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When someone says something is “fierce” or “ferosh” !!! So annoying.

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definitly ” FO SHO”

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i am so sick of hearing “j├Ąger bombs!”

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‘First Thing First’ Well Obviously

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I hate it when my son calls me and starts the conversation by demanding “what’s going on?”. Nothing’s going on. I was doing something nice and then HE INTERRUPTED ME>

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Calling things institutions, like: ‘oh yeah, I know Peter Luger, its a Brooklyn institution.’

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how about “don’t taz me bro”

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I hate it when someone says Imma instead of I’m going to. For example: Imma buy that new CD.

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One that really grates on me is when people reply with a really over emphasized and drawn out ‘Absoluuuutely!!’ I dont mind the bog standard and flat ‘Absolutely’ but not the overly dramatic one. A few years ago I first heard a couple of celebs say it on the radio, but now everyman and his saying it… YAK

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* “Niiiiiice”
* “Worklife balance”
* “Existing in silos”

And, referring to anything and everything as “a journey.”

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Becoming very annoying, very quickly….“Back in the day”....

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I am hugely annoyed at all the Borat quotes people use. Yes I am guilty of the “very nice” thing but c’mon I hear that sh1t everywhere.

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Right now on TV reaitly shows, somebody’s always “throwing somebody under the bus.” (meaning stabbed in the back) I can’t stand that phrase, and it’s becoming more frequent in useage. It reminds me of the safety films we were made to watch in elementary school where somebody really did get thrown under a bus.

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It’s all good

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