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What do you think is the best catch phrase from a comercial in history?

Asked by oneye1 (745points) March 23rd, 2008 from iPhone

like “just do it“by Nike

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Where’s The Beef?

Whatchu talkin’ ‘bout, Willis? – wait that’s a TV show.

I personally enjoy, “What can brown do for you?” Hahaha!

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It’s not really a “catch phrase”, but the new e.p.t. pregnancy test commercial that says, ” The most technologically advanced thing you will ever pee on.” That’s an instant classic, in my book.

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That’s a hard one!

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I can’t think of any.It’s 2 in the morning where I am!

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I was going to say “where’s the beef?” too!

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ok maybe the question will have to be sec best

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Got Milk?

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@ben A friend just gave my wife and I a bib with “Got Milk?” on it for our daughter that’s due on the fifth of July. Pretty funny, if you think about it. I hope my wife does have milk, because that Similac and Isomeal stuff is expensive. Plus, I believe that “The Breast is Best!”

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don’t squeeze the charman

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I liked the fast food comercial who’s catch phrase was “r-r-r-r-r-ranch!” I can’t remember which fast food place it was, I think it might of been Wendy’s. They also stopped showing it, it’s been a while.

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You’ve got to grin to get it in. ( Wagon Wheel Advert)
I have used that line on a few occasions!

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Woah, Axle! LOL

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I liked the Wendy’s commercial that called their fork/spoon doohickey a “fpoon.” It’s fun to say.

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are you gellin’?



—- actually i hate them both, but they get stuck in my head.

more ni**a please, please!

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I love the “are you gellin”

This is sort of off topic and falls inline more with my annoying phrases thread, BUT I just saw a Quizno’s commercial for the prime rib ranchero and they say “no share-o” and it’s “yours-o not theirs-o”. Wow that was annoying and will certainly not be a moment in commercial history as a best catch phrase.

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good us of the thread val

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Dashers Dashers Dashers!

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what about those Head-on commercials, ‘apply directly to the forehead’

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An old English classic. It dose exackley what it say’s on the tin.

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not from a comercial but my favorite is HOME OF THE BRAVE

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“HeadOn! Apply direcly to the forehead! HeadOn! Apply direcly to the forehead! HeadOn! Apply direcly to the forehead!”

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Theirrrr grrrrrreat! Tony Tiger

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“Dude Wheres My Car ”
Mcdonalds: ” its on the ****** menu for ****”

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good one comman

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taco neck syndrom

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You got it ..Toyota!

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