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Which parts of your home would you like to renovate or redo?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (20712points) August 13th, 2010

Are you fed up with any part of your house to the point where you would like it revamped in some way? Extensions, redecorations, renovations?

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I got a whole new kitchen, two new bathrooms, carpets and paint throughout a few years ago, and then we bought an old rental house. Now all our money goes into that money pit.

First we had to have the outside plumbing replaced, then install air conditioning, upgrade the electricity, put in all new windows, and install a handicap ramp – which is not yet done. It still need a new bathroom tub surround.

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Lately, the whole thing. I’m dead serious.

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last year, tile the back porch

this year, paint the house outside, and fence
redo guest bathroom
put pergot flooring in other bedroom (allergies) dig up carpet
all until the money runs out,.

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@TheOnlyNeffie That is just what I want to do too!

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The kitchen and our main ensuite bathroom. The kitchen is too small and we have one of those big double door fridges which doesn’t fit in the allocated fridge space built into the cabinets, so instead is stands behind the kitchen door where the washing machine and/or dishwasher is supposed to stand, which means i don’t really have space for a dishwashes and my washing machine and dryer are in an outside laundry room (which is a little bit of a schlepp having to walk outside when it’s really really cold). EXCEPT we discovered that we can probaby fit a dishwasher in the allocated fridge space, but we have to lead all the water pipes there first.
As for the main bathroom, it doesn’t have a shower! A nice big tub, but no shower. So we have to go to the second bathroom to use that shower. Which isn’t that far down the hall, but i’d like my own shower.

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baaaaaaaaaaathroom! me and my father started to renovate it a few years ago and got to tyling. we got about halfway done before we ran out of tyle. now it just looks kinda crappy, it’s a shame because they no longer produce the kind of tyle we need in reasonable ammounts….

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My kitchen needs to be redone. I’ve been putting it off. Now I think I’m going to the sell the house and not sure whether to go ahead with the renovation, or just sell it like it is.

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@perspicacious Ask your real estate agent. They can usually tell you what changes will help with the sale and which ones you can skip.

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@Pied_Pfeffer —Thanks. I am an agent as well as attorney. I’m just undecided. We’re not in a “regular” market right now. It’s likely a lower price will be the best route this time. It would make it a very attractive price to get into this neighborhood. Thanks.

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I would redo my bedroom. New everything. It is black and tan. would like to see more color brighten it up. My husband likes it dark. It helps him sleep he says.

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For the longest time I wanted to put new tiles and counters in my mom’s little house but she recently lost it so I rented one that has everything that house didn’t and also the same paint scheme she had chosen. She loves it which softens the blow of walking away from her old one.

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