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Are you an e-mail slob like me?

Asked by gondwanalon (15450points) August 14th, 2010

Snoopy people a work have looked at my computer e-mail screen and seemed horrified that I have 3,448 unread e-mail messages and a total of 9,152 e-mails. They tell me that they always delete their messages after reading them and never leave messages un-read for long.

Frankly I just don’t give a damn. It doesn’t faze me in the least that my e-mails are massive in number, unorganized, and unread.

Are you careless and sloppy with your e-mails like I am or do you have e-mail OCD?

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I’m not like that, but my husband is with one of his e-mail accounts. He has several thousand unread messages and who knows how many total messages. He looks at it and will read the e-mails he’s interested in reading and just leave the rest sit there instead of deleting them.

I have folders for the e-mails I want to keep and delete any others as soon as I am done with them. I like having a pretty empty inbox.

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I read and delete everything in my regular box within every couple weeks. A friend of mine has over 16000 messages on a website we go on and I’ve actually hacked her account before to delete half of them. It bothers me.

Sad thing is… she didn’t even notice.

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I’m a complete 180 from you. If it has been read and isn’t essential, it’s got to be deleted (unless I’m going to respond to it in a very short while, at which point it will deleted). My digital life is as clutter-free as my real life.

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My 8 year old hotmail account is sitting at 4900 messages and that is since my last “cleaning” back in ‘08 I think. I’m horrible at keeping messages sorted, but I never leave any unread. I do delete useless junk like Facebook status updates and the like upon receipt.

I r teh lazees.

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All of my email is read, replied to, and filed properly within 2 days (weekends and holidays excluded). I archive most of my mail, so I have no more than 25 emails in my inbox at any time, which I then archive once I’m done with them (ie once the bill has been paid, the package has arrived, I’ve used the tickets, had the meeting, etc).

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I get a lot of email that’s Fluther related, and of course I read all of those immediately. After reading and/or taking care of whatever I need to do regarding each email, they get archived right away. Anything that needs further (later) action, I leave in my inbox until it’s done. All other email is either deleted( unread), or saved for when I have time to read it all. Once read, it either gets deleted or saved to a folder immediately. All of that said, I’ve fallen a bit behind in my personal emails lately. I currently show 414 unread. Time to clean it up!

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I totally am, I have massive amounts of mails in my five accounts, and most of them don’t get read or replied to, and that doesn’t even include the spam, which I also don’t bother with.
I’m lazy.

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I read or at least glance at everything that isn’t spam. But I don’t file and rarely delete. Gmail’s search function makes filing unnecessary and I’m not coming close to the storage limit yet.

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Yeahhh… I’m currently at 16,072 on my yahoo…

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I am just like you….. I have about 5,ooo unread email. I forget to check it. It is usually spam anyways. I should do should take care of that. Thanks I’ll put that on my to do list.

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I’m a slob too. I have a few accounts and they are all loaded.. I do delete spam right away and any duplicate responses. Butm in general i keep what I get. ther are too many times I have gone back to find things.

I figure if Google and Yahoo did not expect us to be slobs they wold not have given us 8 GB or storage.

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I move everything I need to keep into files, and then delete everything else (usually while watching television.) For certain people I correspond with, I do keep both sent and received messages because it’s like keeping a diary.

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Other than being a slob(like you said), i have discovered that leaving emails unattended is like waving bait to a fish. viruses look for any open door. in order to invade your computer.

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I have over 22000 built up emails over 4 years on my work system. I am seeing how long it can build up before someone says something. :-) I am tenpinmaster and I am a e mail hoarder….

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I feel so un-popular now. I only get 2–5 emails a day. I only have 32 saved emails. :(

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Nope, I’m an email wart and try to delete my trash, spam and read emails as often as possible.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities I feel that way too, so I’ll email myself recipes and websites and various notes, and set up email alerts (like Google calendar stuff) so that I feel more special.

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