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What do you put on a baker's rack? Any suggestions?

Asked by Frenchfry (7564points) August 15th, 2010

I just purchase the bakers rack that matches my table. I need some ideas on what to put on it. It is made with iron wrought and glass. My diningroon table it glass and iron wrought too. I have never own one. I am not the best at decorating. Any suggestions would be wonderful…

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Or books, or memorabilia, and maybe one or two small plants.

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I had one years ago that had four open shelves. The bottom three shelves where pretty big, while the top on was about half the size of the bottom ones. On the bottom two, I neatly had my crock pots sitting. I forget what was on the top big shelve (I think it may have been cookbooks). On the very top small shelve, I had some accent pieces that went with my placemats (one was an ivy plant and I forget what the other one was).

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Depends how big it is. I have two. One is quite small and it fits into the corner, I have a small lamp on the main shelf, a vase that matches my kitchen on the 2nd shelf and hanging type plant on the top shelf.

On my big baker’s rack I have my coffee pot and coffee supplies, a little flowerpot with sugar and sweetener packets, hanging coffee mugs and a cookie jar with granola and oatmeal in it. I also keep a decorative pitcher on it, and the bottom half is a wine rack.. so, adult beverages.

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Plants look lovely on a baker’s rack.

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Plants and pottery.

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with the glass I am guessing you do not have to worry about things falling through. My neighbor did hers with all cooper pots and pans and a couple plants. Another friend used all tin items. Do you have a theme that runs through your dinning room? Wine, candles, if you have good silverware in a nice box, a “bust” or statue, a nice painting on a stand, if you entertain you want things that would be good conversation pieces. The great thing is the bakers rack is also great in an entry, a den with books and games, the kitchen with small appliances and cookbooks. I think you will get a life time of use out of this.

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@mollydrew It was a steal too. The table for a $100 and the baker’s rack for $50. Baker’s rack it pretty big. I would post a picture but not sure how to do that. Four shelves. I am happy because it took the place of a little book shelf that held the printer and the fax and papers. It would get very cluttered. Now it look so neat . It is taller then me I am five foot It is pretty big. Great suggestions.

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That’s a cool find. I’d use it for its original function, being an avid baker. I’ve been looking for one of those for some time. If it’s glass and you’re going to use it as a shelf, be careful not to put much weight on it.

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Mine looked similar to this. (“Honey Can Do”.) However, I had it in my family room, and I had wind chimes hanging from the overhead rack, and the rest of the back portion was covered with family pictures. I had trophy’s on the top shelves and a DVD player on the bottom shelf.

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Mine has a center area for my microwave. Two lower shelves and two upper shelves. On the lower ones I have recipe books and a few microwave only dishes. My kitchen is done on a strawberry theme so I have Strawberry knic knacs on either side of a small plant on the upper shelves. Plus a small dinner bell that I bought at an estate sale.

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Plants, cookbooks,

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