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How should I pick a name for my photo store?

Asked by elman25 (159points) March 24th, 2008 from iPhone
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Dunno if you’ll have a web presence, but if so, check out these Tips on Choosing a Good Domain Name.

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icheap pics

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Someday My Prints Will Come

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What’s your store focused on? Is it physical or online only? What’s the USP? Who are your customers and how do they see themselves? I’ve been part of the naming process for a variety of teams, businesses, software products and services, and I’m happy to help if you want to share some more details.

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“I’ve got worms” is a good one.

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we print your nudie pics.

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@sharl thanks… Its more if a service than a store but there will a website were items can be purchased.. So it is both physical and online.. I will be taking shots for private events and selling them pro. Hardcover printed books and making DVD slideshows… I want something so catchy that even the person who doesn’t want my service remembers my name.. Business that is… Wat is USP? And thanks again for the help

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